Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V18.0.6.0


  • Intel: Added several cleanup additions / enhancement.
  • All: Fixed an issue with the "components" registry clean-up.
  • All: Added additional command lines arguments.
    • RemoveAMDKMPFD
    • RemoveAudioBus
    • RemoveVulkan
  • Translations: updated Swedish.xml

  • Intel: Additional folder cleanup
  • NVIDIA: Fixed small issues when NOT removing Geforce Experience.
  • NVIDIA: NVIDIA Broadcast removal is now optional (enabled by default)
  • NVIDIA: New command line argument (-RemoveNVBROADCAST)
  • NVIDIA: registry cleanup enhancement.
  • All: Fixed a bug in the <Driver Store> cleanup.

SHA1: ADBA5D20AC9BF1A2C6F80C92C6134D353FC8DDD2

  • All: Fixed rare Null exceptions.
  • Intel: Fixed "method not found" that can happen on some systems.
  • Translations: Swedish.xml
SHA1: C558F244E18D8332DAD40725731AF5E53003E40E

  • NVIDIA: Removal of some left over logs from NVContainer.
  • All: threading enhancements.
  • All: Fixed issue (64) When using -Silent the program stays open after being done uninstalling.
  • All: Registry cleaning improvement.

  • NVIDIA: added a NvUI.dll AppID removal specific to driver 496.13
  • NVIDIA: Removal of "NVIDIA Broadcast."

  • All: Windows 11 officially supported.
  • All: Registry cleanup speed up, using Tasks and Parallel ForEach.
  • All: Clean cached information for Microsoft's Direct3D API for all users.
  • AMD: Removal of the services "AMDWDDMG"
  • AMD: Cleanup within an AMD folder within the system32 directory.
  • AMD: Fixes to AMDKMPFD removal.
  • AMD: re-activated AMDKMPFD removal
  • AMD: Added Removal of amdfendrmgr service.
  • Translation: Swedish.xml

  • AMD: Additional TaskScheduler removal
  • AMD: Additional registry value removed under software\AMD (localmachine and USERS)
  • Nvidia: Added FvSvc removal

Known issues:

  • Nvidia: Additional files and registry removal for latest GeForce Experience.
  • Translation: Swedish.xml , Persian.XML

  • AMD: AMD streaming Audio removal.
  • AMD: AMD Link removal.
  • All: More logs for when the impersonation fail on some process.
  • All: Misc fixes and enhancements to the Interfaces removal.
  • All: Fixed a DDU crash on system with bad registry permission on some specific registry keys.
  • General: Fixed an issue when changing language and the cleanup type combo box.
  • All: Fixed a rare null exception that could occur when removing the audio controller.
  • AMD: Prevent the removal of some AMD chipset registry key.
  • Intel: additional files/folders removal.
  • Intel: Remove the "Intel Graphics Command Center Beta".
  • Translation: Patreon are now only on the main language file, they can't be translated anymore but will still show in all language.
  • Translation: Swedish.xml
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