Ventoy 1.0.95

  • 023/08/23 --- 1.0.95 release
  1. Drag to resize Ventoy2Disk.exe dialog width.
  2. Fix a bug when booting veket_24.
  3. Fix a bug when booting the latest UOS server ISO.
  4. New distro support: vanilladpup
  5. New distro support: FydeOS 17
  6. languages.json update
  7. Wana boot and install OS through network (PXE)? Welcome to my new project, iVentoy
  • 2023/07/20 --- 1.0.94 release
  1. Fix Synchronous Exception on some ARM cpus. (#2488)
  2. languages.json update
  3. Wana boot and install OS through network (PXE)? Welcome to my new project, iVentoy
  • 2023/06/23 --- 1.0.93 release
  1. Fix the boot issue for Fedora/CentOS when file name contains special character. (#2360)
  2. Support unattended auto install for Deepin/UOS.
  3. Fix a bug that if you plug-out the USB drive during installation, Ventoy will be probabilistically installed to other disk.
  4. Correct EFI chainloader image device path. (#2397)
  5. languages.json update.
  6. Wana boot and install OS through network (PXE)? Welcome to my new project, iVentoy
  • 2023/04/05 --- 1.0.91 release
  1. Add support for FreeBSD 14-CURRENT.
  2. Fix the issue for booting Bliss OS 15.x (#2329)
  3. Fix a bug that Fedora boot error if Ventoy partition is NTFS. (#2333)
  4. Add Recognition for NTFS with large cluster size (greater than 64KB).
  5. Improve grub2 mode process for legacy BIOS mode.
  6. languages.json update.
  1. Fix the issue that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT option can not work for (Kernel 5.18+) + (Intel Gen11+ CPU).
  2. Support LibreELEC 11.0+. (#2281)
  3. Fix the issue that Fedora Rawhide install media not detected. (#2283)
  4. Add support for chimera linux. (#2309)
  5. Optimization for Fedora boot process.
  6. languages.json update.
  7. New iso support. (Total 1100+)
See for more details.

About Ventoy Subscription Service
Ventoy is an open source software under GPLv3 license.
But Ventoy project need to pay for the server hosting, domain name, bandwidth, many USB sticks for test, large capacity of HDD (for downloading ISO files) and so on.
For the better and sustainable development of Ventoy, I provide the subscription service.
For details please refer:

SHA-256 a6b62ad5f7cb0690598af747c83b29a233b55c719d221429fb3a73995b1f8d39
ventoy-1.0.90-linux.tar.gz: 509e2482d176948667dfba7548392f0b21e6b8148548798c1ca2c3e3f668adb4
ventoy-1.0.90-livecd.iso: c9b546e8c8cb0a0ee9424850f4faad7c9d59ecaa3bcd25870ea348ee47ce4c9b
  1. Fix the issue that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT can not work in new linux kernel.
  2. Fix the issue that Ventoy2Disk_X64.exe can not run under altexe directory.
  3. Fix the issue that VentoyPlugson_X64.exe exit silently.
  4. Add missing /FS option for Ventoy2Disk.exe in Windows command line mode.
  5. Ventoy2Disk.exe automatically change current directory when started from other directory.
  6. Add tip message when theme file contains non-enclosed literal values. (#2166)
  7. Ignore reserved space when do non-destructive installation via GUI. (#2168)
  8. Fix the menu missing issue when there exist an invalid vlnk file. (#2228)
  9. languages.json update
See for more details.
  1. Fix the VHD(x) boot issue introduced in 1.0.87.
  2. Add more options for Windows command line mode. Notes
  3. VentoyPlguson: Fix VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_CHECK option web page display issue.
  4. Fix that workaround #2 not working for Legacy BIOS access limit.
  5. Fix a syntax error in F4 localboot.
  6. Show file checksum menu title according to the existence of checksum value.
  7. Automatically switch to en_US when use text mode.
  8. Add unsupported tip message for 4k native disk.
  9. languages.json update
See for more details.
2023/01/07 --- 1.0.87 release
  1. Add return to previous menu in secondary boot menu for convenience.
  2. Add max value for screen resolution option in theme plugin. Notes
  3. Fix the bug when F2 browse and boot VHD/VHDX files in an extend logic partition.
  4. Fix the menu title of F5 Tools ---> Power ---> $VTLANG_POWER_REBOOT_EFIFW
  5. Support BSD style for .md5/.sha1/.sh256/.sha512 checksum file. (#2112)
  6. Support VENTOY_CHECKSUM file for checksum value match. Notes
  7. Disable Fn hotkeys in autoinstall/persistence/wim select menu.
  8. Fix the blank item in the last of Language select menu.
  9. Fix the menu display issue when use persistence (VTLANG_NO_PERSISTENCE).
  10. Add support for Lenovo Product Recovery iso file.
  11. Add support for Dell PER ISO. (#2113)
  12. grub2 mode supports Porteus ISO file.
  13. Fix the file path when file checksum in F2 browse mode.
  14. Add new menu languages
  15. languages.json update
  • 2022/12/24 --- 1.0.86 release
  1. Add F5 Tools ---> Temporary Control Settings menu. Notes
  2. Ventoy2Disk.exe now supports command line mode. Notes
  3. Add VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_NRO option in global control plugin to bypass online account requirement when intall Windows 11.
  4. Enable VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_CHECK and VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_NRO by default.
  5. Add resolution_fit option in theme plugin. Notes
  6. Change the MBR partition type to 0xC if user selects FAT32 when intall Ventoy.
  7. VentoyPlugson: Add duplicate file path check in different lower/upper cases.
  8. Change egrep to grep -E for some scripts. (#2083)
  9. Add new menu languages
  10. languages.json update
  • 2022/12/18 --- 1.0.85 release
  1. Fix the NTFS/FAT32 format failure in some cases when install Ventoy.
  2. Grub2 mode supports KNOPPIX.
  3. Auto memdisk plugin support some IMA/IMG files.
  4. Optimization for booting memtest86-usb.img.
  5. Fix the issue when booting Peux distro iso files.
  6. Add new menu languages
  7. languages.json update
Oben Unten