1. Michal Lisiecki

    Thanks very much

    Hello again Everyone: hope you have all enjoyed the VIA-S3-evening, and I can assure you that we - in Germany, Ireland and US - did enjoy talking with you. Shall you have any further questions to VIA, please direct them to and Best regards and see...
  2. Michal Lisiecki

    A64 Chipsatz mit fixem PCI/AGP Takt

    As each of our AMD64 chipsets, K8T800Pro can work with Athlon 64, Athlon FX and Opteron. Since K8T800Pro features 1GHz HT bus, I would have described as beeing optimized for new 939-pin AMD processors and 1GHz HT 754-pin processors. Michal
  3. Michal Lisiecki

    Kentron QDR

    VIA - beeing a strong deisgn and engineering company - is looking into the whole range of technologies. However I am not aware of any direct plans for X-DR at this point. Michal
  4. Michal Lisiecki

    in zukunft Single chip oder NB/Southbridge?

    Bokill: I could not put it better myself! Michal
  5. Michal Lisiecki

    Jobs / Praktika

    As the general rule - yes. Michal
  6. Michal Lisiecki

    Treiber fuer 64bittiges XP?

    Frankly speaking we can not give a definite answer at the moment. Could you drop an email to We will respond to you by email personally. Michal
  7. Michal Lisiecki

    Kentron QDR

    Bokill, We are still looking into QBM (Quad Band Memory) and might bring it to the market, if there is such a need. A lot on how we are going to progess on QBM depends on DDR2 adoption and performance benefits. Stay tuned... Michal
  8. Michal Lisiecki

    Jobs / Praktika

    We are always looking for enthusiastic people for our marketing teams, both in the Taiwan based International Marketing team, as well as in the European Office in Troisdorf (near Bonn/Koeln)! We guarantee a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Michal P.S. I hope you understand that the...
  9. Michal Lisiecki

    in zukunft Single chip oder NB/Southbridge?

    Hi All, just to add my two words to this discussion. First of all of our latest NB and SB are linked with V-Link (8x, Ultra). This gives additional design flexibility. Once mainboard vendor designs the SouthBridge area, they can almost "copy-and-paste" this solution across processor...
  10. Michal Lisiecki

    64 Bit Via CPUs

    Bokill, I am not aware of it. There was no announcement from VIA regarding the licence with AMD. Michal
  11. Michal Lisiecki

    Teams & Arbeitsgruppen & Entwicklungsgeschichte VIA-CPUs

    Our very brief "official" history is here: - in German - in English Actually, there was a very comprehensive set of articles on VIA published on
  12. Michal Lisiecki

    Jobs / Praktika

    Please send your CV and the cover letter to (Marketing Department) and (HR Department). If you are looking for a trainee work in Taipei, email to Michal Lisiecki
  13. Michal Lisiecki

    VIA Merchandizing?

    As long as they are printed within "VIA Logo Guidelines" - you are most welcome. We might even wear them and drink cofee from them. :-/ ;) Sincerely yours, Marketing Department
  14. Michal Lisiecki

    PCI Express Geschwindigkeiten

    mtb][sledgehammer: PCI Express 16x is 4GB/s bi-directional. Full duplex, then. 1x PCI Express card can be fitted into 1x, 2x, 4x or any bigger slot. It is not possible the other way. The sizes of slots have physical difference. Also, 2x card can fit into 2x, 4x or any bigger slot. Michal
  15. Michal Lisiecki


    According to the best of my knowledge the chipset is ready. There are some boards already sampling: enough to see: I am not aware of any delay from the chipset side. I rather expect that mainboard vendors were still considering...
  16. Michal Lisiecki

    Neue Southbridge - Wann?

    Stefan Bassing - a hero of all VIA Forums! Was great to have you with us! S3 is online - welcome to post any questions. Michal
  17. Michal Lisiecki

    PCI Express Geschwindigkeiten

    Yes! One example (from Jetway) was on our CeBIT both. But I am sure other mainboard vendors will have 4x solutions as well. Michal
  18. Michal Lisiecki

    DDR2-RAM Unterstützung

    For the DDR2 support question: Our PT890 chipset supports DDR2 400MHz, 533MHz and 667MHz. We had live demo at CeBIT... Michal
  19. Michal Lisiecki

    Neue Southbridge - Wann?

    VT8251 is based on Ultra V-Link with bandwidth of 1066 MB/s. VT8251 can be linked to all of the V-Link southbridges. I expect to see in on K8, P4 and even K7 platforms, also with older southbridges. Michal
  20. Michal Lisiecki

    VIA im Notebook-Markt?

    mtb][sledgehammer, We have our K8N800 chipset, designed for Athlon64 Mobile processors. Michal
  21. Michal Lisiecki

    Centaur CPUs: Esther und danach

    That's the plan for now. Old Cyrix design team still exists! They are working on new designs - it is too early still to disclose the details. Michal
  22. Michal Lisiecki

    Nano ITX Boards
  23. Michal Lisiecki

    Epia Systems clocked at 1Ghz fast enough for DivX playback?

    1GHz system is surely enough decode MPEG4 streams in full resolution. We have launched our CN400 chipset with MPEG2 and MPEG4 acceleration. This chipset will be integrated in the Nano-ITX (EPIA N-Series) and upcoming Mini-ITX (EPIA SP-series) mainboards. Michal
  24. Michal Lisiecki

    Neue Southbridge - Wann?

    VT8239 was renamed to VT8251, after we decided to add PCI Express support to the Southbridge. Michal
  25. Michal Lisiecki

    PCI Express Geschwindigkeiten

    Buddy, In K8T890 and PT890 chipsets we are planning 20 PCI Express lanes: 16x for graphics + 4 for additional devices. They can be flexibly implemented by the mainboard makers as 1x, 2x or 4x. Additionally, in VT8251 southbridge, we are planning 2 PCI Express lanes. Those can be...
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