1. Michal Lisiecki

    Thanks very much

    Hello again Everyone: hope you have all enjoyed the VIA-S3-evening, and I can assure you that we - in Germany, Ireland and US - did enjoy talking with you. Shall you have any further questions to VIA, please direct them to and Best regards and see...
  2. Michal Lisiecki

    Herzlich willkommen

    Ein freundliches "Hallo" an alle! Die vereinten Teams von S3 und Via Technologies aus der ganzen Welt heissen Euch zur heutigen Diskussion willkommen! Jegliche Frage kann von Euch in Deutsch gestellt werden. Wir werden so viele Fragen wie moeglich in deutsch beantworten, manche allerdings...
  3. Michal Lisiecki

    Thank you!

    Dear Readers and Active Participants, It was a truly great experience to talk to you this afternoon. I hope we have solved at least some of you problems and answered your questions. If there are still some unasnwered questions, please ask Nero for my personal email address - we will be glad...
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