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Version 33.0 unterstützt auch Windows 10 1909 und 2004. Ich nutze das gerne mit dem Gadget von HW Info (Beispiele siehe unten).

8GadgetPack (Homepage incl Download)

2020-06-24: Version 33.0 released.
The previous version introduced two bugs: It would crash on Windows 8.1 with some Windows Updates installed and some gadgets render incorrectly in certain situations. Both should be fixed now. Also added a minor bugfix in Clipboarder.

2020-06-13: Version 32.0 released.
Added monitor theme to Clock and Clipboarder gadgets:


The clock theme was provided by Dmitri Poterianski, thank you!
Improved multi-monitor support: gadgets now remain where they were placed after user-switch and remote-desktop connections. Improved DPI-support: DPI-aware gadgets remain sharp when they are moved to a monitor with different DPI-values and after the DPI-value is changed. DPI-unaware gadgets are now scaled so they are usable on monitors with very high DPI-values. Made it easier for gadget developers to make gadgets DPI-aware: objects added with addTextObject and addImageObject are now automatically scaled (calling fixDpiObject() is no longer necessary). Fixed Clock gadget rendering issues on Windows 8. Handle Windows major updates better so that gadget settings are not lost on some cases. Added back Microsoft Currency Gadget and made it working again. It now uses data from the European Central Bank and has some more bugfixes. Added back Microsoft RSS Feeds Gadget with better explanation on how to use it and some other improvements. Add 24/12-hour option in HUD Time gadget. Fix rendering issues in flyouts of some gadgets. Fixed scaling issues in RecycleBin and SearchAll gadgets. Remove Weather Meter Gadget (no longer working). Improved Slovak translation of 7 Sidebar. Clipboarder shouldn't slow down MS Word and Excel when copying anymore. Fixed rare crash of Clipboarder that would occur in some situations while files are in the clipboard. Made Clipboarder hotkeys compatible with a Windows Update of Windows 1909 and with Windows 2004. Updated MyWeather and Igors gadgets.

8GadgetPack makes it possible to use gadgets on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7.


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Update auf Version 33 steht zur Verfügung mit Änderungen besonders für Windows 8.1 User.
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