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Auf der Seite von S3 Graphics wird "Advanced Deffered Rendering" als ein Feature des DeltaChrome genannt. Wie genau muss man sich die Funktionweise vorstellen? afaik gibt es da keine konkreten Informationen/Hinweise im Internet.

Stefan Bassing
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Sorry for responding in English.

The reference to "advance defered rendering" in our specifications refers to a feature we have inside the DeltaChrome which allows us to perform a quick pass over the vertex buffers to create a high level Z-buffer, this helps us reject out of order overlapping triangles.

This feature is not enabled automatically - only on a selective basis.

We do not enable this for benchmarks.

I hope this helps,

English is OK! Thanks for the answer!

This info helps me, it somehow clearer now!

BTW: A've read that S3 Graphics plans to add a shader compiler to the drivers (like nvidia does) and this qould enhance the speed of PS/VS 2.0. Is there any additional info about?
Actually we have shader compilers in our DeltaChrome drivers today.

We have invested alot of effort into the compiler development and we will continue to improve them. The efficiency of the code the compiler produces is critical in the final performance the user enjoys - a bad compiler can make a good card run bad !

In the same context we are making changes to our future chips to make it easier for the compiler to generate more optimal code. You will see some of these hardware changes in the GammaChrome family of products.

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