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<div class="newsfloatleft"><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Media Player Classic Home Cinema"></a></div>Der <i>Media Player Classic Home Cinema</i> ist in einer neuen Version erschienen, mit der einige neue Funktionen in den freien Mediaplayer Einzug gehalten haben und zusätzlich viele Bugs behoben wurden.

Das Programm orientiert sich vom Aussehen und der Bedienung her am altehrwürdigen Windows Media Player 6.4, wobei die schlichte Optik allerdings über den wahren Funktionsumfang hinwegtäuscht. Das Multitalent unterstützt von Haus aus eine Unmenge an Dateiformaten und Codecs, sodass die Installation von Codec-Packs hinfällig ist. Zudem werden moderne Features wie die Hardwarebeschleunigung von Videos, die als Codec x.264, H.264 oder VC-1 nutzen, über die DXVA-Schnittstelle beherrscht. Aufgrund der gegenüber dem <i>VLC media player</i> anderen Implementierung dieses Features, können bereits alle AMD/ATI Radeons ab der HD-2000-Serie und natürlich alle NVIDIA GeForce ab der 8000er Serie zur deutlichen Entlastung der CPU genutzt werden.

Der <i>Media Player Classic Home Cinema</i> läuft unter Windows ab XP SP3 und steht sowohl als 32-Bit- als auch 64-Bit-Version zum Download bereit.<p style="clear:left;">
<center><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Media Player Classic Home Cinema"></a></center>

<ul><li><a href="" target="b">Player Features</a></li></ul><ul>Changelog 1.6.6 - 17 March 2013

Formats: The space key can now be used to enable/disable formats
Miscellaneous: Add button to export key bindings
Add the ability to choose the scale factor (relative to the screen size) for the auto-fit zoom
Internal Subtitles Renderer: Show all subtitles tracks in the Play -> Subtitles menu. That includes all the embedded tracks exhibited by the source filter and the external tracks.
Add a new shader that over brightens with gradient from the bottom to the top of the screen. It needs LCD monitors with low viewing angle (~170/160).
DVB: Remember audio and subtitle track selection.
Add an OSD reminder when Escape is pressed in D3D Fullscreen
Ticket #649, Add RARFileSource as an internal filter. Allows rar files without compression to be played without unpacking them.
Ticket #899, DVB: Add signal statistic to the status bar
Ticket #1025/#1054, Add the ability to select the default track directly by its number in MPC-HC and the standalone MPEG Splitter
Ticket #2050, Add Romanian translation
Ticket #2905, Support DTS-HD and E-AC3 passthrough
Ticket #2935, Add support for sending “Now playing” information to Skype


UI: Use a more native look and feel for the options dialog tree
More resilient support for MPL2 and SRT subtitles formats:
Ticket #2779, Support MicroDVD tags in MPL2 subtitles files. This is normally not supported but MPL2 files that use MicroDVD tags for formatting are quite common.
Support SRT files with missing millisecond part in the timecodes.
Re-enable the option to bypass the DVD/BD path selection. The user won’t be asked to choose the location of the DVD/BD player (or folder) when this option is enabled.
Changed default D3D Fullscreen hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+F
Disabled Frame Time Correction hotkey by default
DVB: Some filters that are known to be incompatible with the BDA source filters are now blacklisted
External filters: Use two separated lists for x86 and x64 since x86 filters only work with MPC-HC x86 and vice versa
Ticket #978, Apply the “Repeat” option after “Play next in the folder”: the option will now take effect after the next file in the folder was played (similarly to what happens for playlist items)
Ticket #1620, UI: Use the new styled radio bullet for menu’s items
Ticket #2878, Removed obsolete MSN Messenger support
Ticket #2924, Use the current file directory as default folder for the “Load Subtitles” dialog
Ticket #2947, VSync is now disabled in the default renderer settings


FFmpeg (n0.8-19080-g2bac153)
Little CMS to v2.4 (git 4ba0259)
Logitech SDK to v3.01 (driver 8.00.100)
SoundTouch to v1.7.1 r170
VirtualDub to v1.10.4-test1
MediaInfoLib to v0.7.62
ZenLib to v0.4.28 r430
Basque, Catalan, Czech, German, French, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Slovak and Ukrainian translations


Various WebUI fixes:

Fix seeking
Fix volume slider going out of bounds with IE in player.html
Fix incorrect encoding of the parent directory’s path in browser.html

MPCVideoDecoder: Fix low merit internal filter
MPCVideoDecoder: The “Read Aspect Ratio from stream” option didn’t always work right
DVB EPG: Some strings weren’t correctly displayed in some cases
PGS Subtitles: Some subtitles were displayed with wrong colors or even not displayed at all
EVR-CP renderer: Fix some cases where VSync breaks smooth playback
The external filters list was lost when switching from registry to ini or vice-versa
Ticket #84, WebServer: The filenames weren’t correctly URL decoded
Ticket #593, Fixed EVR-CP using the CPU while the player is paused when VSync is on
Ticket #890, DVB: Disable pause for capture mode to avoid accidental playback stop
Ticket #1554, The OSD was looking bad when using the EVR Sync renderer
Ticket #1600, Improve the naming of subtitles tracks (avoid showing a useless and ugly comma)
Ticket #2396, DVB: Fix default audio track selection when its type is different than the first audio track
Ticket #2423, Fix wrong rounding leading to small black bars when resizing the window. This was mostly visible when using the “auto-fit” zoom or when resizing manually.
Ticket #2783, Fix crash when generating the chapter marks
Ticket #2805, AviSplitter: Fix a crash when closing the file while re-indexing
Ticket #2838, The window wasn’t draggable anymore by clicking on the information panel
Ticket #2839, Post-resize shaders didn’t work with VMR-9 (renderless)
Ticket #2855, The filename could be wrong when saving a screenshot or thumbnails
Ticket #2859, FLACSource: Improve timestamps accuracy. This fixes some cases where the end of the file wasn’t played.
Ticket #2863, The OSD was incorrect when restarting the playback of a file after it ended
Ticket #2864, VobSub subtitles were auto-loaded twice
Ticket #2881, “Auto-fit” and “Auto-fit (Larger Only)” zooms gave different results depending on if they were used in windowed or fullscreen mode
Ticket #2889, Fix incorrectly displayed OSD when using EVR and VRM-9 (windowed) renderers
Ticket #2902, DVB: Some old channels weren’t deleted when redoing the scan
Ticket #2913, Fixed DXVA1 MPEG2 decoder
Ticket #2931, DVB Subtitles: Fix a crash with some subtitles streams
Ticket #2934, MPEG Splitter: Some files couldn’t be opened
Ticket #2939, Some fields of the renderer statistics were wrong
Ticket #2971, Fix a rare crash on startup
Ticket #2984, SSA subtitles: Fix outline background with frx or fry tags
Ticket #2985, Prevent the volume OSD message from erasing the filename OSD message on startup</small>
</ul><b>Download:</b><ul><li><a href="">Media Player Classic Home Cinema Installer [Windows x86]</a></li><li><a href="">Media Player Classic Home Cinema Portable [Windows x86]</a></li>
<li><a href="">Media Player Classic Home Cinema Installer [Windows x64]</a></li><li><a href="">Media Player Classic Home Cinema Portable [Windows x64]</a></li></ul><b>Links zum Thema:</b>
<ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">Changelog komplett</a></li><li><a href="" target="b">Offizielle Internetpräsenz</a></li><li><a href="" target="b">Was ist Freie Software?</a></li><li><a href="">VLC media player 2.0.1</a></li></ul></p>


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Ist mMn der beste Player, in Verbindung mit Brazos E450 APU läuft HD Wiedergabe ganz flüssig, konstant 24FPS, ca. 20% CPU Auslastung, dagegen mit VLC Player Framedrops zwischendurch, und die GPU Beschleunigung ist dort auch aktiviert.Keine Ahnung woran es liegt...
PowerDVD spielt auch flüssig ab, aber keine PGS Untertitel, deshalb nutze ich den MPC, super und 4 free 8)
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