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MulticoreWare Inc. Releases Heterogeneous Multicore Programming Tools in OpenCL for Download


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MulticoreWare Inc. Releases Heterogeneous Multicore Programming Tools in OpenCL for Download

Highly Efficient and Comprehensive Programming Tools for Heterogeneous Multicore Parallel Processing in OpenCL across CPUs and GPUs

CUPERTINO, Calif., Nov 21, 2011 -- MulticoreWare Inc. (MCW) announced the beta availability of key OpenCL tools and libraries for developers worldwide by download from the MCW website at www.multicorewareinc.com . These tools enable efficient developer solutions as developers use GPU compute through OpenCL to enhance their applications. The latest set of tools provide capabilities such as global memory, global task management and path analysis to ensure developers can achieve maximum benefit from their OpenCL investment.

Global Memory for Accelerators (GMAC) enables development of code for CPUs and GPUs in a single pointer space, without requiring the developer to be aware of, or manage, the different memory domains and allocations. Task Manager (TM) ensures effective sequencing of operations across both CPUs and GPUs, with resulting optimization of memory accesses, vector operations and more. Parallel Path Analyzer (PPA) provides an interactive drill-down and Gantt-chart view of the execution time of various OpenCL kernels within a specific code-base. PPA users leverage this to optimize those kernels within the critical path, resulting in higher developer productivity when tuning for higher performance. These resources in combination enable developers to optimize for raw compute power and balance energy consumption needs.

"We have worked closely with AMD to produce the fastest and most developer-efficient way to delivering optimized code for heterogeneous multicore environments, with full support for OpenCL standards and portability across platforms. Our tools are effective and responsive to the true needs of developers due to our own professional services in parallel computing. We invite developers to download the tools to take advantage of these benefits" said Curtis Davis, co-founder, VP of engineering and COO of MulticoreWare Inc.

"As the leading provider of APU and GPU technologies, AMD firmly believes industry standards such as OpenCL allow the development community to fully leverage the benefits of heterogeneous computing platforms. AMD provides a range of tools to extract performance from APU and GPU platforms and is committed to enabling the best solutions to increase developer productivity," said Raghu Rao, Senior Director, Developer Solutions, AMD. "Now by working with MCW to make key development tools freely available to developers worldwide, AMD is further advancing the role of heterogeneous computing and industry standards among the developer community."

Developers can use these tools to develop applications that take full advantage of GPGPU opportunities, from consumer to industrial to technical computing, in video and image analytics, gesture processing and much more. The tools are available on Microsoft Windows platform initially, with support for Linux and MacOS coming in the subsequent weeks. AMD and MCW are both committed to global, open standards, with on-going participation and leadership through actions with Khronos.

About MulticoreWare Inc.

MulticoreWare Inc. is the leading provider of programmer productivity tools, libraries and application development services for homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore CPU and GPU architectures. MCW's services span multiple verticals such as broadcast video, imaging, scientific computing, oil and gas, defense and aerospace, and financial services. For more information, visit http://www.multicorewareinc.com .

SOURCE: MulticoreWare Inc.
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