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Notes for Dec 28 2020
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Happy holidays and happy new year from MLC!

So we decided to put out an update this week anyway,, First, we've completed milestone 2 of Dataset 3, that means 1000 trained networks for each of the 100 randomly generated automata! This is a huge milestone and makes analysis much more interesting! Another important user-visible change is the website and project now sit behind a CDN. This vastly reduces the bandwidth requirements on the server, and speeds up client downloads tremendously, and there appears to be few negative effects on the project as a whole. If you see issues, please post them in the forum so they can be addressed.

Finally, we've noticed a large influx of new volunteers over the past week. Welcome! And thank you for supporting the scientific work we're trying to do.

More news below:
* We are working on revamping much of the behind-the-scenes machinery for validation and assimilation to update our handling of NaN.
* Our updated WUs to try and cross the 1000-network threshold for all DS2 WUs seems to be having a positive effect, with nearly 100 new networks complete within the past week. We will continue this until we cross that threshold.
* Over the break, our main effort is to continue to work on analysis, paper writing, a new ROCM client release, and continue to prepare for DS4.

Project status snapshot:
(note these numbers are approximations)



Last week's TWIM Notes: Dec 22 2020

Thanks again to all our volunteers!

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