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First, please excuse the long phase where we have reported nothing new. Thomas has become the successor of Mr. Hartmann and manages now the labs "Compuattional Science Lab" and "Technical Computer Science". This was and is a lot of work and therefore Spinhenge@home came a little bit too short. Second, the forum is now back online. It can be reached here. Third, we are currently reorganizing our software architecture for the client application which unfortunately takes much more time than planned. One thing is that we want to merge all input information in just one compact file, so that we can save space and time on your computers. Also, we are implementing several new functions. Most important for us now is a new method that allows us to simulate a magnetic nano system which is subject to a time dependent magnetic field. With this we are able to calculate the so-called AC susceptibility for a system which gives us information about its internal energy barriers. This property is vital for identifying so-called single molecular magnets (SMM). These SMM are candidates for future memory devices since they allow to store information in a much smaller space than conventional magnetic recording materials. The implementation of this method is not that easy and requires the numerical solution of stochastic differential equations which simulate the dynamics of the individual magnetic moments in a nano system. The first big chunk of this task is done and successfully tested (many thanks to Andrértmeier!). We hope to be able to do first test calculations using the new client application soon! Fourth, we are currently planning the reorganization of our server infrastructure. The three project server should run in the future in a virtual environment. Please keep fingers crossed! And thanks a lot for your patience! Kind regards, Christian Schrö der, Thomas Hilbig

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a nice Project you have there, it's great to hear some news form you ;D

You confirm somehow the stereotype, that physicists are somehow math-crazy*noahnung*. Break a leg!
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