Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V18.0.6.0


- New DDU installer.
- Intel : Registry Power Settings CleanUP.
- The moment that some DDU messages box appear make more sense now. Thanks to a user feedback.
- There is a new button on the safe mode dialog window that allow to set Windows update search for drivers to default. Thanks to a user feedback.
- Updated LICENSE
- Translation : Swedish.xml

SHA1: 4D3133288F52F9FA1D7C49465B22CF9CD21AAE05
SHA-256: 390F263A4B65AF6A81521E6D5998055E117571DE96FE2C25B6CE6B9CAB513827

  • Intel: Additional removal for "CTA" and "Intel(R) Niagara Falls I2C" drivers
  • Intel: Additional removal of registry region "CLSID", "Pnplockdownfiles"
  • Driver Store: Additional removal for "CTA" and "Extension" drivers for intel.
  • All: HKCR, "Installer\Dependencies" and "package cache" folders cleanup.
  • All: Warn the user if they are not at least on .NET Framework 4.8 and close DDU.
  • Translations : Hungarian.xml

  • Intel: Fixed specific Arc ARP gray out entry for already affected system.(driver 3490 & 3790 only)
  • Nvidia: additional audio driver files removal.
  • Nvidia: Additional driverfiles.cfg entries.
  • AMD: Try to remove AMDKMPFD only when removing AMD GPUs drivers.
  • Translation update: Dutch.xml

SHA-256: 6E4E49AC2C3F2281FCB929EEEBC27E2CE2860802357C9EC879BBD8F37BC4E1C7

  • Intel: Fixed ARP (Add/Remove Programs) for Intel ARC, entry could be gray out.
  • Intel: leftover removal with recent driver.
  • Nvidia: Additional registry removal within (pnplockdownfiles)
  • Translation update: Turkish.xml
SHA1: 5A39E469330F9F0268BA1F0D3D21D998F7714C52
SHA-256: 87BD52BCDCBE8DD9C62D8FA9CA44DC1899D92D59758CC2C4C56CC0285A6F5363

  • Intel: Additional registry key removal for "Intel Arc Control".
  • Intel: Additional file removal in the windows prefetch folder.
  • Translation: Russian.xml update
SHA1: 855511DFA6A45A0922A10D1011A8B4F7725424B8
SHA-256: CC726D20DFD72678C273BC7C927EB626E1F5B3E814C0F5378CD6582ECA2253BA

  • AMD : additional files and registry cleanup (pnplockdownfiles region).
  • Nvidia: additional files and registry cleanup (pnplockdownfiles region).
SHA1: 05D553CC8FF418F89652DA8842C820158D5CEA9D
SHA-256: 70F8341C8B2A5CA4D49482C69DDA27C1028FE906B641A9690E67B18AA61676C3

  • All: Fixed "Installer\UpgradeCodes" section that was not cleaning up.
  • Intel: Removal of the IGN folder.

SHA1: F120AF86ACBD26B061BDA0774157A76EEC76BF0E

  • All: Fixed the registry installer section was not cleaned completely.
  • AMD: Added removal of "AdvancedMicroDevicesInc-2.AMDLink".
  • AMD: Added removal of "AMDNoiseSuppression".
  • Intel: additional removal of vp8/vp9 decoders.
  • Translation: French.xml

SHA1: 42781F2FB78DBF831C69AF70DD603E8ED3C6D4E3

  • All: First time launch message can now be translated.
  • All: CLSID registry section fix/enhancement.
  • All: Cleanup of the VFW capture Class Manager in the registry.
  • Intel: Additional registry and folder cleanup.
  • Intel: Removal of the Intel Arc Control right click context menu.
  • Intel: additional Intel Arc Control removal.
  • Intel: additional removal.
  • AMD: Removal of AdvancedMicroDevicesInc-RSXCM (possibly fix a boot pop-up message)
  • AMD: Additional folders removals (DX cache related).
  • Nvidia: Folders and registry additional removal. (Nvidia RTX voice)
  • Translation : Swedish.xml

  • All: Fixes / Enhancements to the driver store cleaner.
  • AMD: AMD Crash Defender and AMD Link Controller Emulation cleanup enhancements
  • AMD: Fixed a bug with the AMD Chipset Software installer.
  • Translation update: French.xml
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