Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V18.0.6.0


  • AMD: AMD streaming Audio removal.
  • AMD: AMD Link removal.
  • All: More logs for when the impersonation fail on some process.
  • All: Misc fixes and enhancements to the Interfaces removal.
  • All: Fixed a DDU crash on system with bad registry permission on some specific registry keys.

Known issues:
For a guide , check : Guide
SHA1: F6231D6414ABA80CF473F86290E040A379F971C3

  • AMD: Deactivated the removal of the AMDKMPFD.
  • AMD: AMD audio bus removal fixes / enhancements
  • Nvidia: Removal of the NVPCF service.
  • All: Misc fixes and enhancements to the Interfaces removal.
  • Language: Chinese (Simplified).xml update


  • All: DDU can now be used from a network path "\\server\DDU\"
  • All: added more logs to the impersonation of SYSTEM.
  • All: additional log for Upper/ Lower filters.
  • ALL: Registry cleanup enhancement for typelib/Interfaces removal.
  • Nvidia: Small enhancement for the Upper filters removal of (nvpciflt, nvkflt)
  • Intel: Registry leftover removal related to iGCC (Intel graphic command center)
  • Intel: Additional MFT registry keys removal.
  • Language: Swedish.xml

-All: Fixed a rare case of null exception.
-NVIDIA: Removal of "nvdisplay.messagebus" and "wksserviceplugin"
-Language: Slovenian updated.

AMD: removal of the start menu item: AMD Bug Report Tool
Intel: Additional removal to Graphic Command Center (GCC) and ShaderCache
Languages : Turkish.xml updates

-Nvidia: Added support for Geforce experience beta (Performance overlay)
-AMD: "HKLM\Software\AUEP removal" (this is a key related to the AMD user experience program)
-Translation: Russian.xml updated.

All: Fixed an issue that could prevent the removal of a DCH Control Panel from MS store when using a Windows 10 version older than 1809

All: Fixed (again) a DDU crash when used on older version of Windows 10 (1803 and earlier)

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