KiTTY v0.76.1.13

  • Switch back to original window title managment, prior to major refacto.
  • Default header name is kitty.log #440
  • Bislang kein Changelog
  • update from putty4far2l #431
  • fix: clear far2l_ext flag after disconnect, fixes 421 #432
  • fix: Kitty stops functioning after reconnect if an app which has extended keyboard handling is run #421
  • fix: [Bug] KITTY Mouse scrolling in tmux does not work depending on how the session is started #344
  • klink not portable #374
  • fix compilation issue
  • fix: autostoresshkey and -auto-store-sshkey options don't seem to be working #389
  • fix: another bad memory allocation
Oben Unten