Sysinternals Suite

Sysinternals Suite Januar 2024

Process Monitor v3.94

This update to Process Monitor, a utility for observing real-time file system, Registry, and process or thread activity, improves handling of incomplete Procmon Log files (.pml), and restores "Copy All" functionality in the Event Properties window.
ZoomIt v7.0

This update to ZoomIt, a screen magnification and annotation tool, adds the ability to screen record cropped regions or a specific window, and lets you snip regions of the screen or zoomed views to the clipboard or to a file in a single gesture.
Sysmon v14.16

This Sysmon update fixes a regression on older versions of Windows.
PsExec v2.43

This update to PsExec fixes a regression with the '-c' argument.

Sysmon v14.15

This update to Sysmon sets and requires system integrity on ArchiveDirectory (FileDelete and ClipboardChange events). Every existing ArchiveDirectory needs to be first deleted so that Sysmon can create it with the expected integrity and permissions.

TCPView v4.19

This update to TCPView fixes a manifest configuration regression with the 32-bit binary.
Process Explorer v17.04

This update to Process Explorer fixes a regression highlighting immersive processes and fixes a security bug.
Process Explorer v17.03

This update to Process Explorer, an advanced process, DLL, and handle viewing utility, adds improved packaged app support, fixes a dark mode bug, and fixes a security bug.

PsTools v2.5

This update to PsTools, a suite of programs for interacting with local or remote Windows systems, fixes command-line argument processing issues in several tools.

PsExec v2.42

PsExec, a light-weight telnet/ssh alternative for launching processes on Windows, now supports file paths longer than MAX_PATH characters.

PsPing v2.12

PsPing, a tool implementing the standard ping functionality, alongside TCP/UDP latency and bandwidth measurements, receives bugfixes for its benchmarks, and now uses random data for communication buffers.

PsShutdown v2.6

PsShutdown, a command-line utility for managing local or remote shut down, reboot, logoff, or lock for Windows computers, now displays its notification dialog on the target machine, and has a new flag, -x, for turning the monitor off, required to initiate Modern Standby where applicable.

PsFile v1.04, PsGetSid v1.46, PsInfo v1.79, PsKill v1.17, PsList v1.41, PsLogList v2.82, PsPasswd v1.25, PsService v2.26, and PsSuspend v1.08

have been also updated to work with long file paths and command lines.

Sysmon 1.1.1 for Linux

This update to Sysmon for Linux removes support for Ubuntu 18.04, Debian 10 and includes other fixes.

TCPView v4.18

TCPView, a Windows program that shows detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints, receives a fix for a crash that can occur when receiving events in certain cases, and improvements for the dark mode.
Sysmon 1.1 for Linux

This update to Sysmon for Linux, an advanced host monitoring tool, adds support for a wider range of distributions (e.g., RHEL) by leveraging BTF enabled kernels.

Contig v1.83

This release for Contig, a single-file defragmenter, fixes a bug preventing the 64-bit Contig64.exe from working, fixes a path parsing bug, and adds support for ARM64.

ProcDump 1.4.1 for Linux

This update to ProcDump for Linux, a flexible tool for manual and trigger-based process dump generation, adds the capability to generate dumps based on the contents of an exception message.

Process Monitor v3.93

Process Monitor, a utility for observing real-time file system, Registry, and process or thread activity, receives fixes for several user interface and log file bugs.
RDCMan v2.92

This update to RDCMan, a tool for managing and connecting to Remote Desktop sessions, fixes a naming error impeding plugin operation, updates the icon set, and fixes mstscax.dll load on some systems where initialization would previously fail.

Sysmon v14.14

This update to Sysmon, an advanced host monitoring tool, fixes a timeout occurring with FileDelete and FileDeleteDetected events on low-speed media.

ZoomIt v6.12

This update to ZoomIt, a screen magnification and annotation tool, eliminates drawing artifacts occurring when changing magnification, changing pen width, or combining these steps, and improves drawing settings persistence.
Active Directory Explorer v1.52

This update to Active Directory Explorer, an advanced Active Directory viewer and editor, fixes a crash caused by searching for strings in a snapshot longer than object names.

Contig v1.82

This update to Contig, a single-file defragmenter, adds safe DLL loading and support for long command-line arguments.

Sysmon v14.13

This update to Sysmon addresses CVE-2022-41120 by ensuring the archive directory has permissions restricted to the system account.
Process Explorer v17.02

This update to Process Explorer fixes two bugs that can lead to crashes and another that leads to an unexpected dialog in an error case.

Sysmon v14.12

This update to Sysmon fixes a bug related to volumes without file system security.
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