Ventoy 1.0.99

  1. Fix the VHD(x) boot issue introduced in 1.0.87.
  2. Add more options for Windows command line mode. Notes
  3. VentoyPlguson: Fix VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_CHECK option web page display issue.
  4. Fix that workaround #2 not working for Legacy BIOS access limit.
  5. Fix a syntax error in F4 localboot.
  6. Show file checksum menu title according to the existence of checksum value.
  7. Automatically switch to en_US when use text mode.
  8. Add unsupported tip message for 4k native disk.
  9. languages.json update
See for more details.
2023/01/07 --- 1.0.87 release
  1. Add return to previous menu in secondary boot menu for convenience.
  2. Add max value for screen resolution option in theme plugin. Notes
  3. Fix the bug when F2 browse and boot VHD/VHDX files in an extend logic partition.
  4. Fix the menu title of F5 Tools ---> Power ---> $VTLANG_POWER_REBOOT_EFIFW
  5. Support BSD style for .md5/.sha1/.sh256/.sha512 checksum file. (#2112)
  6. Support VENTOY_CHECKSUM file for checksum value match. Notes
  7. Disable Fn hotkeys in autoinstall/persistence/wim select menu.
  8. Fix the blank item in the last of Language select menu.
  9. Fix the menu display issue when use persistence (VTLANG_NO_PERSISTENCE).
  10. Add support for Lenovo Product Recovery iso file.
  11. Add support for Dell PER ISO. (#2113)
  12. grub2 mode supports Porteus ISO file.
  13. Fix the file path when file checksum in F2 browse mode.
  14. Add new menu languages
  15. languages.json update
  • 2022/12/24 --- 1.0.86 release
  1. Add F5 Tools ---> Temporary Control Settings menu. Notes
  2. Ventoy2Disk.exe now supports command line mode. Notes
  3. Add VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_NRO option in global control plugin to bypass online account requirement when intall Windows 11.
  4. Enable VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_CHECK and VTOY_WIN11_BYPASS_NRO by default.
  5. Add resolution_fit option in theme plugin. Notes
  6. Change the MBR partition type to 0xC if user selects FAT32 when intall Ventoy.
  7. VentoyPlugson: Add duplicate file path check in different lower/upper cases.
  8. Change egrep to grep -E for some scripts. (#2083)
  9. Add new menu languages
  10. languages.json update
  • 2022/12/18 --- 1.0.85 release
  1. Fix the NTFS/FAT32 format failure in some cases when install Ventoy.
  2. Grub2 mode supports KNOPPIX.
  3. Auto memdisk plugin support some IMA/IMG files.
  4. Optimization for booting memtest86-usb.img.
  5. Fix the issue when booting Peux distro iso files.
  6. Add new menu languages
  7. languages.json update
  • 2022/12/04 --- 1.0.84 release
  1. Multi-Language supported for Ventoy boot menu. Notes
  2. Add L hotkey to choose language.
  3. Change F1 hotkey from memdisk mode to help information.
  4. Add Ctrl+d hotkey for memdisk mode.
  5. Add VTOY_MENU_LANGUAGE option in Global Control Plugin for default menu language.
  6. Remove VTOY_HELP_TXT_LANGUAGE option, use VTOY_MENU_LANGUAGE option uniformly.
  7. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add Cluster Size option for Ventoy install.
  8. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Support FAT32 for 32GB+ disk.
  9. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Fix the format failure when install Ventoy in some WinPE/Lite Windows.
  10. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Change the lock icon for secure boot option to a yellow picture.
  11. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Show a tip message for cluster size when the mouse hover on the file system string.
  12. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add UDF file system for Ventoy install.
  13. VentoyPlugson.exe: Fix the garbled characters when preview json which contains unicode characters.
  14. Add VentoyPlugson_X64.exe for convenience when used in WinPE.
  15. Update Shim/Mokmanager efi files.
  16. languages.json update
  • 2022/11/17 --- 1.0.82 release
  1. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add exFAT/NTFS/FAT32 options in Option-->Partition Configuration for Ventoy installation.
  2. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Display Ventoy partition file system in selected disk
  3. Ventoy2Disk.exe: Fix the issue that string "Status x%" is missing for translations (#1667)
  4. Update Shim/Mokmanager efi file from Fedora 37.
  5. Add VTOY_SHOW_PASSWORD_ASTERISK option in global control plugon. (#1931)
  6. VentoyPlugson: Fix the issue that secondary boot menu option mismatch between web page and json file.
  7. Fix the issue that Linux WEB/GUI version does not restore MBR when updating. (#1935)
  8. Change Ventoy LiveCD GUI default language to English (#1938)
  9. Fix the issue that help line disappears when auto-going to a Fn submenu. (#1939)
  10. Fix an issue that CGI backup tool can not open after boot WePE.
  11. Optimization for Windows unattended install process.
  12. Fix the disk display error when pCloud virtual disk is installed in Windows OS.
  13. languages.json update
  • 2022/10/25 --- 1.0.81 release
  1. Show asterisks ('*') when typing password (PR #1868)
  2. Disable Fn hotkey during secondary boot menu.
  3. Fix the issue that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 does not work with Batocera 35 (#1878)
  4. Fix the issue that rockcluster, part of config missing during install. (#1900)
  5. Fix VentoyPlugson issue when ISO partition has a drive label with a space. (#1901)
  6. Add support for easyOS easy-4.4.2-amd64.img. (#1926)
  7. VentoyPlugson: Add json preview feature.
  8. VentoyPlugson: Add reset button.
  9. VentoyPlugson: Add configuration active identifier for each tab.
  10. Add _VTNORMAL identifier.
  11. languages.json update
  • 2022/09/21 --- 1.0.80 release
  1. Add secondary boot menu for boot compatibility improvement. Notes
  2. Now wimboot mode supports WinPE ISO files.
  3. Make injection plugin available in WIMBOOT mode. (#1834)
  4. Add support for HoloISO. (#1644)
  5. Bugfix for booting latest Gentoo live. (#1770)
  6. Bugfix for booting latest ALT linux. (#1784)
  7. Always use /bin/bash to launch (#1809)
  8. Add w and r hotkey for WIMBOOT and GRUB2 mode. (#1837)
  9. Fix typo in VentoyPlugson web page. (#1782)
  10. Fix the 'overflow is detected' error in WIMBOOT mode for large ISO file.
  11. Fix a bug when ISO contains a ks=file:/xxx boot parameter.
  12. languages.json update
  13. Total 1000+ iso files tested. (A big milestone)
  • 2022/07/28 --- 1.0.79 release
  1. Rollback Super-UEFIinSecureBoot-Disk to v3.3
  2. Support Fedora CoreOS (#1727)
  3. Fix a bug when rhel based distribution has an external kickstart file. (#1717)
  4. Fix a bug that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT option doesn't take effect in openSUSE. (#1729)
  5. Fix a bug that autosel option doesn't work (#1716)
  6. Fix a bug for Ventoy2Disk.gtk that reserved space can not contains digit 9. (#1753)
  7. Fix a bug that can not find repo when install Kylin V10SP2 Server.
  8. vtoyboot-1.0.24 release. Notes
  9. languages.json update
  10. New ISO support (total 940+)
  • 2022/07/01 --- 1.0.78 release

  1. Improvement for Boot Conf Replace Plugin, now can replace at most 2 files. Notes
  2. Update Super-UEFIinSecureBoot-Disk to v3.4 (#1695)
  3. .ventoyignore also works in F2 Browser Mode.
  4. Fix the bug when booting latest KaOS. (#1696)
  5. Fix a bug when booting TrueNAS Core 13.0. (#1684)
  6. Fix a bug when booting StorageCraft StorageProtect SPX. (#1683)
  7. Auto remove the redundant trailing slash when set directory path on VentoyPlugson page.
  8. languages.json update
  9. New ISO support (total 920+)
  10. Document: How To Delete Ventoy Secure Boot Key
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