Ventoy 1.0.99

  • 2022/06/19 --- 1.0.77
  1. Support variables expansion in auto installation script. Notes
  2. Fix the UEFI memory alloc failure in some computer. (#1671)
  3. Fix the issue that install media not recognized when install Clear Linux. (#1674)
  4. Fix a bug when booting daphile-21.01
  5. languages.json update
  • 2022/06/12 --- 1.0.76 release
  1. Enable secure boot support option by default when install Ventoy. Notes
  2. Fix the issue when enrolling key for secure boot with Super UEFIinSecureBoot Disk v3-3.
  3. Auto use memdisk/grub2/wimboot mode if the ISO file name contains special identifier. Notes
  4. Fix a bug when booting linux vdisk (.vtoy) file in Legacy BIOS mode with F2 or ventoy_grub.cfg.
  5. Support EasyOS partition resize at the first boot time.
  6. Support EasyOS 4.0
  7. Support Stratodesk NoTouch OS. (#1652)
  8. Update languages.json
  9. New ISO support (total 900+)
  • 2022/05/31 --- 1.0.75 release
  1. Update Super UEFIinSecureBoot Disk v3-2
  2. By default use memdisk mode when booting iKuai OS.
  3. Fix the bug when booting linx iso (#1600)
  4. Fix a bug when booting latest Alpine linux.
  5. Fix a bug when booting easyos 3.4.3+
  6. Fix a bug when booting ATLAS Windows ISO.
  7. Fix a bug when UEFI booting KaOS-2022.04-x86_64.iso.
  8. Fix the bug when booting ALT Linux in UEFI mode. (#1645)
  9. Support programs loading for DLC Boot PE. (#1647)
  10. Fix a bug in menu tip plugin webpage of VentoyPlugson. (#1602)
  11. Fix a bug when booting RHEL/CentOS/Fedora with LVM device in the computer.
  12. Fix a bug when boot in F2 browser mode if the computer has more than one disks with same size.
  13. Update languages.json
  14. New ISO support (total 880+)
  • 2022/04/28 --- 1.0.74 release
  1. Show the directory path in the return menu for TreeView mode and Browser mode.
  2. Fix a bug that Windows ISO in local disk can not install when boot through F2 browser mode in Legacy BIOS mode.
  3. Fix a bug when install Ventoy if the USB already mounted at a path which contains space.
  4. Fix the issue when booting customized CentOS7 with inst.ks=cdrom:/xxx boot parameter.
  5. Fix a bug for Linux GUI program when update from old release. (#1590)
  6. Fix the issue when booting Fedora with VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1
  7. Fix the log and ini file owner attribute for VentoyGUI in linux.
  8. Fix the issue when booting Prime OS 2.1.0.
  9. Fix the issue when booting Euler OS V2
  10. Update languages.json
  11. Document: About USB hardware problem
  12. New ISO support (total 850+)
  1. Ventoy Subscription Service. Notes
  2. A dialog will be popped up when you click install button if Ventoy already installed in the disk.
    Then you must enter YES in the text box manually to confirm the installation.
  3. If the ISO file name is too long to displayed completely. You can press left or right arrow keys ← → to scroll the menu.
  4. Add F5 Tools --> Power --> Reboot to EFI setup menu in UEFI mode, (reboot to UEFI BIOS Setup).
  5. Add F5 Tools --> Hardware Information menu.
  6. We can set menu tip position and color for per-theme. Notes
  7. Prevent DLL search order hijacking for Ventoy2Disk.exe/VentoyPlugson.exe/VentoyVlnk.exe.
  8. Fixed a bug that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT option does not take effect for Manjaro/Arch.
  9. vtoyboot-1.0.21 release. Notes
  10. languages.json update
Oben Unten