WinSCP 6.2 beta


  • Disabling TLS 1.3 by default until it is better tested. 1835
  • Bug fix: Cannot connect to SSH‑1 servers. 1833
  • Bug fix: TLS session resumption is not working for FTP transfers with TLS 1.3. 1831

  • Bug fix: Confirmation to close WinSCP does not have a help page associated (to explain the workspace). 1825
  • Bug fix: Failure when loading extension with filename containing some special characters (like a dash). 1826
  • Bug fix: SCP fallback is no longer working. 1827
  • Bug fix: Path on Address bar of Explorer interface cannot be submitted. 1828
  • Bug fix: Failure when changing directory using tree after resuming system from sleep. 1829
  • Bug fix: Cannot use TLS/SSL client certificate. 1830
  • Bug fix: TLS/SSL client certificate could be configured for S3 protocol even though it is not supported.

  • Optionally using Ctrl+F4 to close session tab. 1823
Oben Unten