Core Temp

Core Temp 1.17.1

Version 1.17.1 - 11th April, 2021

- Fix: Crash on some AMD Opteron/FX/APU A-series (Bulldozer based) CPUs
- Fix: Crash on old versions of Windows
Version 1.17 - 3rd April, 2021

- New: AMD Zen 3 and Zen 2 APU support
- New: Intel Rocket Lake support
- New: Preliminary Alder Lake support
- New: Very preliminary Meteor Lake support

- Fix: "Unsupported CPU" message when only some cores have HT enabled
- Fix: Epyc Rome/Threadripper 3rd gen Platform detection
- Fix: Gemini Lake platform detection
- Fix: Whiskey Lake codename
- Fix: Incorrect VID reporting on some Celeron/Pentium processors
- Fix: Crash on Intel Banias based (Pentium/Celeron M) processors
- Fix: Turbo multiplier detection on Nehalem/Westmere
- Fix: Bugs related to response to DPI changes
- Fix: VID reporting on some AMD Athlon64 processors

- Change: Improve accuracy of information on unsupported Intel CPUs
Version 1.16 - 29th June, 2020

- New: Intel 10th generation CPU support (Cannon/Ice/Comet Lake)
- New: Package Power reading for AMD Zen based CPUs
- New: Very preliminary Intel Tigerlake support
- New: Preliminary AMD Renoir support
- New: AMD Picasso detection
- New: Intel Lakefield detection

- Fix: System hangs during ATI SMBus dump in AIDA64
- Fix: Crash when display DPI changes
- Fix: Crash when opening Settings dialog
- Fix: Main window incorrectly resized when display DPI changes
- Fix: High CPU usage on unsupported Intel CPUs

- Change: Expand available information on unsupported Intel CPUs
- Change: Improve stepping detection on supported Intel CPUs
- Change: Frequency detection changes for Nahelem/Westmere to make it consistent with newer Intel CPUs
Version 1.15.1 - 29th August, 2019

- Fix: 32-bit Core Temp fails to start.
Version 1.15 - 24th August, 2019

- New: AMD Ryzen 3000 series support.
- New: Full multi-monitor DPI awareness support.

- Fix: Core Temp randomly freezes during startup.
- Fix: Improve AMD Zacate APU support.
Oben Unten