• Fixed bugs
  • Updated Digital Signature
    *SmartScreen may block CrystalDiskInfo for a few days.
  • Update language files (Slovenian, Turkish)

  • Improved language auto detection
  • Update language files (Simplified Chinese)

  • Fixed S.M.A.R.T. attribute (0x16: Current Helium Level) support
  • Update language files (Hungarian, Russian)

  • Improved compatibility with Full-Screen application
  • Improved Intel SATA SSD support
  • Improved Micron SATA SSD support
  • Added WD SA530 support
  • Update language files (French, Slovenian, Traditional Chinese)
  • Re-support Samsung SATA SSD Life report
  • Added ZHITAI SC001 support
  • Added SK hynix Gold S31 support
  • Added KLEVV NEO N610 support
  • Improved Micron/Crucial SATA SSDs support
  • Changed The uninstaller will display a confirmation dialog for the removal settings

  • Updated language files (Russian、Traditional Chinese)
  • Fixed code signing certificates

  • Deleted Samsung SATA SSD Life report
  • Improved Maxiotek SATA SSD controller support
  • ImprovedSeagate BarraCudata SATA SSD support
  • Improved Apacer AS350 support
  • Added volume control for alert sound (Kurei Kei)
  • Added Power on Hours can be displayed in years for tooltip text. (Kurei Kei)
  • Added 16bit color environment support
  • Improved ClearType support
  • Added CoolMade/CuteMade themes [Shizuku Edition]

  • Fixed JMicron JMS583 support
  • Added block list USB-ATA bridge (VID=0x05E3, PID=0x0702)

  • Fixed KIOXIA SATA SSD support
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Improved Seagate SATA SSD support
  • Improved Goldenfir SATA SSD support

  • Fixed Maxiotek SATA SSD controller support
Oben Unten