Freeciv 2.6.4


2.6.4 is a generic bugfix release.

Server / General​

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)​

  • Made automatic selling of coastal improvements from a city that gets landlocked to work better HRM#880455
  • Adjusted formula for barbarian band size. For nations with less than 32 cities there is no change, but bigger empires get bigger barbarian bands than they used to HRM#767126
  • Fixed postponing buildings from worklist. They were never really postponed HRM#912972
  • Combat messages show more detailed information about combatants HRM#913055
  • Fixed display of game years above 32768 HRM#918800
  • Players no longer need hack access to disable timeout any more than they need for enabling it HRM#647101
  • Fixed crash, seen on client side, when receiving extremely well compressed network packets HRM#918726
  • Send meetings initiated by AIs player is in contact with initially (thanks to dispersion server setting) to client when it is ready to handle them. Not only did the bug prevent those meetings from opening in the client, but it prevented player from ever opening a meeting with that AI. HRM#764968
  • Corrected check that the upgraded unit will fit to its transport before upgrading it HRM#921691
  • Clients connected to the server are no longer sent to the pre-game screen when there's an (failing) attempt to load a savegame when game is already running HRM#767358
  • Corrected calculation of nation's literacy value when number of citizens has changed during the turn, e.g., by losing cities HRM#880780
  • Update a city also on other player's clients when its size get reduced because of a nuke osdn#41810 osdn#41860
  • Made generated random seed less predictable on most platforms. Windows is a notable exception HRM#914184 osdn#41838
  • civ2civ3ruleset:
    • Fixed tile output penalties not to apply to Luxury or Science bonuses provided by wonders like Hanging Gardens HRM#908518
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