SystemRescue 11.00

11.00) 2024-01-28:
  • Updated the kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-6.6.14
  • Added option “ssh_known_hosts” in yaml config to trust SSH CAs signatures on host keys
  • Fix the “findroot” boot option when /sbin/init is an absolute symlink (#340)
  • Fix the “findroot” loop when the password to any encrypted device is unknown (#342)
  • Update XFCE Configuration (enabled screen saver, added battery icon)
  • Package “dstat” has been replaced with “dool” which is a fork of dstat
  • Added bcachefs-tools (file system utilities for bcachefs, no kernel module yet)
  • Added blocksync-fast (block device sync tool for block-based backups) (#361)
  • Added sleuthkit (tools for raw file system inspection) (#349)
  • Added timeshift (snapshot-based backup program) (#350)
10.02) 2023-09-16:
  • Added nmon (Nigel’s Performance Monitoring tool for Linux) (#351)
  • Added libldm (Tools for managing Microsoft Windows Dynamic Disks) (#348)
10.01) 2023-05-27:
  • Removed recent ext4 features from the defaults to improve compatibility (#330)
  • Added package: speedtest-cli (command for testing internet bandwidth)
  • Removed package which has been dropped by upstream: zile (emacs clone)
10.00) 2023-03-19:
  • Updated the kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-6.1.20
  • Added grub loopback.cfg support (Daniel Richard G) (#326)
  • Add boot customization hooks for grub and syslinux
  • Add “gui_autostart” YAML config to run programs when X is started
  • Bring back xf86-video-qxl driver as its bugs have been fixed (#324)
  • Removed deprecated autorun features (autoruns=, scripts with \r\n, old paths) (#315)
  • Added pass and qtpass (simple password manager which supports GnuPG encryption)
  • Added packages: casync, stressapptest, stress-ng, tk
9.06) 2022-12-18:
  • Added Memtest86+ memory tester v6.00 for UEFI in the Grub boot menu (#308)
  • sysrescueusbwriter to create USB media on Linux, creates writable FAT filesystem
  • Added pacman-faketime command to work around expired package signing keys (#313)
  • “dovnc” option now implies “dostartx” again (#310)
  • Added “bash_history” and “hosts” options to the “sysconfig” scope of the YAML config file
  • Reduced timeout until automatic boot with default options from 90 to 30 seconds
  • Support for using a serial console in bootloader and boot options (ttyS0,115200n8)
  • ISO images now have a checksum embedded against accidental corruption (isomd5sum)
  • Added packages: inxi, libfaketime
9.05) 2022-10-21:
  • Split initialization of SystemRescue into parts done before and in parallel to networking (#304)
  • Add a new style for configuring autorun scripts (“autorun.exec”) (#287)
  • Change the default for ar_nowait to true: don’t wait at the end of autorun by default anymore
  • Deprecate storing autorun scripts in the root of the boot disk (#252)
  • Bind-mount /run/archios/bootmnt in case of copytoram to create a stable path for use in autorun
  • Add yay AUR helper (#139)
  • Allow https-URLs for the archiso_http_srv option by disabling certificate checks
  • Don’t waste ram when using the archiso_http_srv option (#56)
  • mountall: run udevadm settle to mount newly opened cryptodisks, improve messages
  • Add rclone option to the “sysconfig” scope of YAML config file, it writes a rclone.conf file
  • Add sysctl option to the “sysconfig” scope of YAML config file
  • Added packages: whois (mkpasswd)
9.04) 2022-08-07:
  • Updated the kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-5.15.58
  • “cow_label” and “cow_directory” boot options can now also be set via the YAML config file
  • New “nomdlvm” boot option doesn’t activate md raid and lvm devices, preventing disk writes (#272)
  • Speed up boot process and fix pacman usage by using a preconfigured pacman trust database (#290)
  • Improve “mountall” script: detect more partitions, ignore swap, LUKS encryption support
  • Improve “mountall” script: add –readonly option, reuse empty mountpoints
  • Fix DNS name resolution during the initramfs boot phase
  • The “ca-trust” config option is applied to Firefox too
  • Add options to the “sysconfig” scope of YAML configs: timezone, authorized_keys, bookmarks
  • Fix configuration when there is no YAML file at all (e.g. when booting via PXE)
  • Added packages: rclone, qemu-img, multipath-tools, unrar
9.03) 2022-05-28:
  • Updated the kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-5.15.43
  • Added “autoterminal” to run custom scripts in dedicated consoles for user interaction
  • Added “mountall” script which mounts all available disks and volumes
  • Updated “sysrescuecfg” boot option to merge given files after files in sysrescue.d
  • Changed YAML config file loading logic to fully merge multiple files (#254)
  • Added packages: acpi, fatresize, kexec-tools, moreutils, python-pythondialog
9.02 (2022-04-09):
  • Updated the kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-5.15.32
  • Add script and config.yaml parameter for late-loading of SystemRescueModules (SRM) (Gerd v. Egidy)
  • Fix the type of the default definition of parameter “ar_attempts” (#266)
  • Added scripts and documentation to help build the ISO image in a docker container
  • Reduce compression ratio for initramfs on i686 to prevent a crash at build time (#261)
  • Updated disk utilities: GParted-1.4.0 and partclone-0.3.19
9.01 (2022-02-10):
  • Updated the kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-5.15.22
  • Support for adding Certification Authorities (CAs) via YAML config (Gerd v. Egidy)
  • Uncompress kernel modules so the squashfs compression provides a better ratio (#247)
  • Optimized the initramfs compression to reduce the size of the ISO (Gerd v. Egidy)
  • Added development build option: faster build times but lower compression (Gerd v. Egidy)
  • Remove Q-Logic Fibrechannel/Infiniband HBA firmware to save space (#256)
  • Implemented a script to determine the effective configuration from yaml files (#251)
  • Added boot option ‘sysrescuecfg’ to control how the configuration is loaded (#254)
  • Added support for loading remote yaml configuration files over http/https (#254)
  • Allow all kinds of scripts to be used for autorun, not just /bin/sh (Gerd v. Egidy)
Oben Unten