Thunderbird 102.5.1

• Mail extension API updates. See Mail Extension API Docs.

• "Copy to again" menu item was not present after copying message to folder with Unicode name on Unicode-enabled IMAP server
• Calendar date picker was displayed behind "Send Later" window
• Various security fixes
• Ctrl+N shortcut to create new contacts from address book restored

• Account Settings UI did not update to reflect default identity changes
• New POP mail notifications were incorrectly shown for messages marked by filters as read or junk
• Connecting to an IMAP server configured to use PREAUTH caused Thunderbird to hang
• Error responses received in greeting header from NNTP servers did not display error message
• News messages sent using "Send Later" failed to send after going back online
• "Download/Sync Now..." did not completely sync all newsgroups before going offline
• Username was missing from error dialog on failed login to news server
• Thunderbird can now fetch RSS channel feeds with incomplete channel URL
• Add-on "Contribute" button in Add-ons Manager did not work
• Help text for /part Matrix command was incorrect
• Invite Attendees dialog did not fetch free/busy info for attendees with encoded characters in their name
• Various security fixes
• "Address Book" button in Account Central will now create a CardDAV address book instead of a local address book

• Messages fetched from POP server in Fetch headers only mode disappeared when moved to different folder by filter action
• Thunderbird re-downloaded locally deleted messages from a POP server when "Leave messages on server" and "Until I delete them" were enabled
• Multiple password prompts for the same POP account could be displayed
• IMAP authentication failed on next startup if ImapMail folder was deleted by user
• Retrieving passwords for authenticated NNTP accounts could fail due to obsolete preferences in a users profile on every startup
• Get Next n Messages did not consistently fetch all messages requested from NNTP server
• Get Messages button unable to fetch messages from NNTP server if root folder not selected
• Thunderbird text branding did not always match locale of localized build
• Thunderbird installer and Thunderbird updater created Windows shortcuts with different names
• LDAP search filters unable to work with non-ASCII characters
• "Today" highlighting in Calendar Month view did not update after date change at midnight
What’s New
• Thunderbird will now catch and report errors parsing vCards that contain incorrectly formatted dates

• Dynamic language switching did not update interface when switched to right-to-left languages
• Custom header data was discarded after messages were saved as draft and reopened
• -remote command line argument did not work, affecting integration with various applications such as LibreOffice
• Messages received via some SMS-to-email services could not display images
• VCards with nickname field set could not be edited
• Some recurring events were missing from Agenda on first load
• Download requests for remote ICS calendars incorrectly set "Accept" header to text/xml
• Monthly events created on the 31st of a month with <30 days placed first occurrence 1-2 days after the beginning of the following month
• Various visual and UX improvements
• Thunderbird will automatically detect and repair OpenPGP key storage corruption caused by using the profile import tool in Thunderbird 102

• POP message download into a large folder (~13000 messages) caused Thunderbird to temporarily freeze
• Forwarding messages with special characters in Subject failed on Windows
• Links for FileLink attachments were not added when attachment filename contained Unicode characters
• Address Book display pane continued to show contacts after deletion
• Printing address book did not include all contact details
• CardDAV contacts without a Name property did not save to Google Contacts
• "Publish Calendar" did not work
• Calendar database storage improvements
• Incorrectly handled error responses from CalDAV servers sometimes caused events to disappear from calendar
• Various visual and UX improvements
What’s New
• Option added to show containing address book for a contact when using All Address Books in vertical mode

• Thunderbird will try to use POP NTLM authentication even if not advertised by server
• Task List and Today Pane sidebars will no longer load when not visible

• Sending a message while a recipient pill was being modified did not save changes
• Nickname column was not available in horizontal view of Address Book
• Multiline organization values were displayed across two columns in horizontal view of Address Book
• Contact vCard fields with multiple values such as Categories were truncated when saved
• ICS calendar files with a FREEBUSY property could not be imported
• Thunderbird would hang if calendar event exceeded the year 2035
• Thunderbird will try to use POP CRAM-MD5 authentication even if not advertised by server

• Checking messages on POP3 accounts caused POP folder to lock if mail server was slow or non-responsive
• Newsgroups named with consecutive dots would not appear when refreshing list of newsgroups
• Sending news articles containing lines starting with dot were sometimes clipped
• CardDAV server sync silently failed if sync token expired
• Contacts from LDAP on macOS address books were not displayed
• Chat account input now accepts URIs for supported chat protocols
• Chat ScreenName field was not migrated to new address book
• Creating a New Event from the Today Pane used the currently selected day from the main calendar instead of from the Today Pane
• New Event button in Today Pane was incorrectly disabled sometimes
• Event reminder windows did not close after being dismissed or snoozed
• Improved performance of recurring event date calculation
• Quarterly calendar events on the last day of the month repeated one month early
• Thunderbird would hang if calendar event exceeded the year 2035
• Whitespace in calendar events was incorrectly handled when upgrading from Thunderbird 91 to 102
• Various visual and UX improvements
• Compose window encryption options now only appear for encryption technologies that have already been configured
• Number of contacts in currently selected address book now displayed at bottom of Address Book list column

• Password prompt did not include server hostname for POP servers
• Edit Contact was missing from Contacts sidebar context menus
• Address Book contact lists cut off display of some characters, the result being unreadable
• Menu items for dark-themed alarm dialog were invisible on Windows 7
• Various security fixes
• Thunderbird will no longer attempt to import account passwords when importing from another Thunderbird profile in order to prevent profile corruption and permanent data loss.
• Devtools performance profile will use Thunderbird presets instead of Web Developer presets

• Thunderbird startup performance improvements
• Saving email source and images failed
• Error message was shown repeatedly when temporary disk space was full
• Attaching OpenPGP keys without a set size to non-encrypted messages briefly displayed a size of zero bytes
• Global Search entry box initially contained "undefined"
• Delete from POP Server mail filter rule intermittently failed to trigger
• Connections to POP3 servers without UIDL support failed
• Pop accounts with "Fetch headers only" set downloaded complete messages if server did not advertise TOP capability
• "File -> New -> Address Book Contact" from Compose window did not work
• Attach "My vCard" option in compose window was not available
• Improved performance of matching a contact to an email address
• Address book only recognized a contact's first two email addresses
• Address book search and autocomplete failed if a contact vCard could not be parsed
• Downloading NNTP messages for offline use failed
• NNTP client became stuck when connecting to Public-Inbox servers
• Various visual and UX improvements
• Various security fixes

Known Issues
• No dedicated "Department" field in address book
• Setting added to change Calendar event double-click action to open Edit Event dialog rather than view only; Set to true.

• Running Compact Folders on maildir folders caused a redownload of all messages in the folder
• Accessing mail folders in profiles with many folders was slow
• SMTP servers were not always properly initialized, and were not listed in Account Settings
• APOP authentication unsupported when connecting to POP3 server
• OpenPGP key discovery failed
• POP accounts hosted by AOL were not able to authenticate using OAuth2
• Unable to open context menu in newsgroups header for groups that are not subscribed
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