Thunderbird 78.12.0


• Sending an email containing HTML links with spaces in the URL sometimes resulted in broken links
• Folder Pane display theme fixes for macOS
• Chat account settings did not always save as expected
• RSS feed subscriptions sometimes lost
• Calendar: A parsing error for alarm triggers of type "DURATION" caused sync problems for some users
• Various security fixes

• OpenPGP could not be disabled for an account if a key was previously configured
• Recipients were unable to decrypt some messages when the sender had changed the message encryption from OpenPGP to S/MIME
• Contacts moved between CardDAV address books were not synced to the new server
• CardDAV compatibility fixes for Google Contacts
• Folder pane had no clear indication of focus on macOS
• Windows theme improvements
• Various security fixes
Zwei Neuerungen und Bug- und Sicherheitsfixe:

What’s New

• Added support for importing OpenPGP keys without a primary secret key
• Add-ons manager displays a preferences icon for mail extensions that include an options page


• OpenPGP messages with a high compression ratio (over 10x) could not be decrypted
• Selected OpenPGP key was lost after opening the Key Properties dialog in Account Settings
• Parsing some OpenPGP user IDs failed
• Various improvements to OpenPGP partial encryption reminders
• Troubleshooting information page did not display row labels on macOS
• Mail toolbar buttons were too big when displaying both icons and text
• Various security fixes
Sicherheitslücke geschlossen.

• Removed the fix for bug 1689804 introduced in Thunderbird 78.9.0, restoring the previous behavior

• Various security fixes


• Usability & theme improvements on Windows
• Various security fixes
April 8, 2021


  • Support recipient aliases for OpenPGP encryption. Documentation can be found here.


  • The key and signature parts of the message security popup on a received message could not be selected for copy/paste.
  • Various UX and theme improvements
  • Various security fixes

• New mail notification displayed old messages that were unread
• Spaces following soft line breaks in messages using quoted-printable and format=flowed were incorrectly encoded; existing messages which were previously incorrectly encoded may now display with some words not separated by a space
• Some fields were unreadable in the Dark theme in the General preferences panel
• Sending a message containing an anchor tag with an invalid data URI failed
• When switching tabs, input focus was not moved to the new tab
• Address Book: Syncing a read-only Google address book via CardDAV failed
• Address Book: Importing VCards with non-ascii characters would fail
• Address Book: Some values may not have been parsed when syncing from Google address books.
• Add-ons Manager did not show if an addon used experiment APIs
• Calendar: Removing a recurring task was not possible
• Various security fixes

Known Issues

• The fix for bug 210148 included in Thunderbird 78.8.1 was removed. New mail notifications not showing if there were unread messages from previous notifications.
8 März 2021


• New mail notification did not occur for newly arrived messages if previously received mail was unread
• Directory for saving multiple attachments was not remembered between saves
• Opening a message from the command-line using “-mail <URL>” failed
• Automatic account setup did not use the provider email and display name
• Newly-added identities were not listed in the account manager until it was closed and reopened
• Account provisioner did not properly handle UTF‑8 data
• Copying a large message to an IMAP server would sometimes prematurely display a time-out error
• OpenPGP: Various errors when importing keys
• OpenPGP: Public keys attached to an outgoing email did not have “Content-Description” set
• Address Book: CardDAV sync errors did not retry until Thunderbird was restarted
• Calendar: Changing the cache mode of a CalDAV calendar connection would lose the username of the account
• Calendar: Add-on calendars were sometimes not visible after restarting
• Calendar: The preview for a recurring task did not use all available space in the dialog window
• Installer: Option to keep distribution directory on upgrade did not work
23 Februar 2021


• Importing an address book from a CSV file always reported an error
• Security information for S/MIME messages was not displayed correctly prior to a draft being saved
• Calendar: FileLink UI fixes for Caldav calendars
• Recurring tasks were always marked incomplete; unable to use filters
• Various UI widgets not working
• Dark theme improvements
• Extension manager was missing link to addon support web page
• Various security fixes
5 Februar 2021

What’s New

• CardDAV address books now support OAuth2 and Google Contacts.


• Thunderbird will no longer allow installation of addons that use legacy APIs


• Send message button sometimes remained enabled when it should be disabled
• Pressing command+enter to send a message on macOS did not work
• OpenPGP: Failed to save attachments that contained binary data after decryption
• Global search UI fixes
• Various theme and color fixes to improve ease of use
Oben Unten