Thunderbird 102.5.1

What’s New
• Commandline argument to open Calendar at startup added (-calendar)

• Buttons to connect automatically discovered Address Books and Calendar during Account Setup now displayed

• Compacting IMAP folders failed when "Just mark as deleted" was set
• Message threading status and sort order was not transferred when applying column layout to other folders
• Folder names with half-width Kana characters were displayed incorrectly
• Digital signing of messages was not disabled after switching to an identity that could not sign
• POP message retrieval stopped after a network error occurred and connectivity was restored
• Activity Manager didn't show "Get Messages" activity when "Leave messages on server" was turned off and no new messages were found
• Mail quota color did not update properly for multiple accounts
• Profile export failed if an expected file did not exist
• Check Spelling dialog could exceed screen size when many dictionaries were available
• Dragging a news message to the Desktop caused Thunderbird to hang when synchronized for offline use
• Remove All Expired Articles was not displayed on expired NNTP messages
• Sending messages to encrypted Matrix rooms failed in some cases
• Adding a CalDAV calendar on BSD-based OS's failed due to DNS errors
• Various visual and UX improvements
• Various security fixes

Known Issues
• "Get Map" feature missing from address book for physical addresses
• No dedicated "Department" field in address book
What’s New
• Config setting added to disable OpenPGP "encryption is possible" reminder: mail.openpgp.remind_encryption_possible

• Thunderbird on macOS will now prompt for Primary Password on startup if set
• Thunderbird will no longer offer to import OpenPGP keys that are incomplete
• Selecting or unselecting a dictionary in the Spelling compose toolbar button will no longer immediately close the menu; Making dictionary changes via the editor context menu will continue to close the context menu
• Contact address lines are now adjusted to appear in the expected order
• Custom1-4 fields restored to Address Book UI; existing data is preserved from pre-102 profiles

• Thunderbird startup performance improvements
• ALT+<numpad digits> keypress events were intercepted by the Spaces Toolbar, preventing special character entry on Windows
• Searching on attachment status did not work in Message Search dialog
• Repairing IMAP folders in Offline mode removed local copy of the folders
• POP3 message download progress bar was not displayed
• POP Fetch headers only mode did not work for some server configurations
• POP accounts using GSSAPI or NTLM authentication were not able to log into the server
• A TLS certificate override dialog for self-signed certificates was not shown for IMAP accounts
• Saving attachments from newsgroups did not work
• Setting contact type to "None" was not possible if a type was previously set
• Editing a contact without Name fields populated filled in the email address into the name fields
• Address book toolbar buttons were not keyboard accessible
• Auto-detection of CalDAV and CardDAV via DNS records used server domain leading to failures
• Various visual and theme improvements
• Various security fixes

Known Issues
• "Get Map" feature missing from address book for physical addresses
• No dedicated "Department" field in address book
• The fix for bug 1777765 (no POP download progress bar) was backed out from this release to address broken POP message download with Fetch headers only selected in Account Settings (bug 1783552).

Known Issues
• No progress bar shown for POP message downloads
• "Get Map" feature missing from address book for physical addresses
• Custom fields missing from address book
• No dedicated "Department" field in address book
• OpenPGP Key Manager will clear selected keys after a deletion is performed

• Update notification popups were still displayed after switching to another desktop workspace on Linux
• macOS display issues made Thunderbird unusable
• OpenPGP public key was not automatically attached after enabling encryption from reminder and default setting is "Do not encrypt"
• Importing OpenPGP keys stored in binary format failed
• Exporting an OpenPGP public key from Account Settings failed
• Saving encrypted OpenPGP attachments created corrupt files
• Receiving many OpenPGP keys in a single email caused Thunderbird to hang
• POP3 message download progress bar was not displayed
• OAuth2 authentication was not available when the mail domain did not match the OAuth provider domain
• OAuth did not work with some POP servers
• RSS feed URL links in headers panel could not be activated by keyboard
• Self-signed TLS certificates did not work with POP3 connections
• Non-ascii characters in passwords did not work with POP3 connections
• An error was not displayed when an incorrect password was entered for a POP3 account
• NNTP articles were not displayed in preview pane when a Primary Password was set
• NNTP articles did not download when the hostname of the server was not all in lower-case
• Saving NNTP messages to local disk failed
• Drag and Drop from Address Book into Compose window sometimes added unexpected contacts to the target
• "Default" label not shown for emails when editing a contact
• Contact Title, Role, and Organization fields could be displayed in the wrong order
• Contact birthdays on February 29 were displayed incorrectly in non-leap years
• Detection of photos in vCards improved
• Drag and drop contacts to another address book was not available
• Contacts stored in a Google CardDAV address book contained extra backslashes in text fields
• Contacts without First/Last/Display Names appeared blank in contact list
• Auto-attaching vCard and OpenPGP keys did not always work as expected
• Settings page used caused excessive CPU usage
• Calendar did not respect Date and Time Formatting in Settings
• OpenPGP Key Import wizard did not adapt to dark theme
• Various visual and theme improvements
• Various accessibility improvements

Known Issues
• "Get Map" feature missing from address book for physical addresses
• Custom fields missing from address book
• No dedicated "Department" field in address book
• Activity Manager did not display POP message downloads
• Mail Folder Properties dialog was not sized correctly, cutting off contents
• Expired news messages did not display an error
• Calendar Column Picker closed prematurely after selecting/deselecting a single column
• Various UI improvements
• Various security fixes
• Support for Google Talk chat accounts removed

• Thunderbird could crash on startup on Windows 11
• After compacting folders, new downloaded messages were inaccessible
• Marking a message as a Favorite (starred) did not update the thread pane when using Unified Folders
• Compose window failed to populate some fields when S/MIME was configured
• Non-text attachments has an incorrect "charset=windows-1250" mime header
• Messages sent as attachments incorrectly had an "X-Mozilla-Cloud-Part" header
• Improved Address Book import/export support in Profile Importer
• IMAP stability improvements
• Offline cache was unusable for NNTP accounts
• Signing S/MIME messages failed
• Various UI improvements
• Double-clicking chat messages will no longer execute a default action

• "File" menu was covered by Spaces Toolbar
• Sub-folders with new messages were not highlighted until clicked
• Attachment paper clip was cut off in message list
• OpenPGP signatures were broken when "Primary Password" dialog remained open
• Non-ASCII messages forwarded as attachments were garbled
• Importing from Seamonkey or Outlook failed in second step
• Deleting messages from a POP server occasionally failed
• Offline cache was unusable for NNTP accounts
• News messages were not shown in preview pane
• Address fields were not populated when using "Edit as new message"
• Sometimes only the first letter of a contact's Organization name was displayed
• Double-click to edit selected contacts action did not work
• Some CardDAV contact fields were displayed with additional backslashes in the value
• Pending chat message contents were not updated when the conversation was not selected
• Various UI improvements
• Mailbox MSF files could become corrupt in some circumstances
• OpenPGP Key Assistant did not show status for addresses handled by aliases
• Attaching an external OpenPGP public key failed if configured with a subkey ID
• Thunderbird continued using an old password after changing it
• New mail notifications were only shown for one mail account when multiple accounts were configured
• LDAP Address Books could not be configured using IPv6 address literals
• CardDAV contacts (notably Google-hosted) with more than one email address were not always editable
• Address Book accessibility improvements
• Various UI improvements
• Icons converted to new style

• Various UX and theme improvements
• Various security fixes
• A warning is now displayed if an OpenPGP key has unsafe attributes that are ignored; See support article.

• OpenPGP integration in Thunderbird 91.8.0 and 91.8.1 did not allow SHA-1 key signatures
• macOS disk image graphics updated
• CalDAV calendars were marked read-only on startup
• Task creation field on macOS incorrectly displayed a search icon
• Various security fixes
Oben Unten