Thunderbird 102.5.1

• CLIENTID extension to SMTP was not supported by smtp-js
• Additional SMTP errors now propagated to user
• OpenPGP was not able to use some previously supported key types
• OpenPGP Key Manager did not always display correct information after importing additional IDs
• Duplicate new mail notifications could be displayed when server-side filters were in use
• Cancelling an SMTP password entry resulted in multiple failure dialogs being displayed
• Google accounts using password authentication will be migrated to OAuth2. See KB Article.

• OpenPGP ECC keys created by Thunderbird could not be imported into GnuPG
• Exporting multiple public PGP keys from Thunderbird was not possible
• Replying to a newsgroup message erroneously displayed a "No-reply" popup warning
• Opening mid: URLs on macOS failed
• Address books stored in older formats were loaded as SQLite files, causing a crash
• Replicated LDAP directories were lost after switching Thunderbird to "Offline"`mode
• Importing webcals from the commandline failed if the URI ended with an .ics file extension
• Various security fixes
• Thunderbird will use the first occurrence of headers that should only appear once

• Auto-complete incorrectly changed a pasted email address to the primary address of a contact
• Attachments with filename extensions that were not registered in MIME types could not be opened
• Copy/Cut/Paste actions not working in Thunderbird Preferences
• Improved screen reader support of displayed message headers
• Various security fixes
• Thunderbird generated views of meeting invitations are now expanded by default

• Emails were not downloading at startup under some conditions
• Port numbers were not shown in "Confirm Security Exception" dialog for CalDAV connections
• Various security fixes
What’s New
• Thunderbird will now offer to send large forwarded attachments via FileLink

• Partially signed unencrypted messages displayed an incorrect "partially encrypted" notification
• Attachments filenames were not sanitized before saving to disk
• In the attachment bar, the "Import OpenPGP Key" item displayed for public keys displayed an error and did not import the key
• "Open with" attachment dialog did not have a selected radio button option
• Various security fixes

• JS LDAP implementation did not support self-signed SSL certificates
• After saving a draft and subsequently sending a FileLink email, the original file was removed from disk
• Chat OTR encryption did not work
• OTR verification bar was not removed after completing verification
• Various theme improvements
Version 91.5.0, first offered to channel users on January 11, 202


• RSS keyword labels without a configured color were illegible
• Thunderbird "about:" dialog did not identify third-party repackaged distributions such as Flatpaks
• Various security fixes


• IMAP startup performance improved for accounts with a multitude of folders
• Thunderbird failed to send messages when configured to use an IPv6 SMTP server by IP address (instead of a hostname)
• Forwarding messages with attachments sometimes failed
• Printing multiple messages at once was not possible
• Non-utf8 news groups were not supported
• Thunderbird stalled after sending a message with NNTP and SMTP recipients
• Using Thunderbird with multiple language packs caused high RAM and CPU use and sluggish performance
• Clicking a "mailto:" started the composer with the default sending identity instead of a configured alternate
• Drag and dropped text into a plain text message in the compose window was handled inconsistently
• FileLink messages did not display correctly when viewed in Outlook
• In account setup, after selecting an extension provided protocol, it was not possible to create an IMAP/POP account
• Multiday selections were not cleared when changing week viewed
• When creating a new event by clicking and dragging the mouse to create a box, the view did not auto-scroll after reaching the bottom
• Calendar Invitation Panel did not scroll when multiple invitations were pending
• Calendar print dialog did not have a cancel button
• Various security fixes

• Date selection in Calendar print settings widget changed to use mini calendar widget


• "Repair Text Encoding" menu item did not work
• Troubleshoot Mode menu item did not always indicate whether troubleshooting mode was enabled
• Message content could be unintentionally hidden due to CSS class names conflicting
• SMTP server port was reset to "0" after clicking the "Re-Test" button in the Account Setup wizard
• No "Paste" option was available in the config editor (about:config) context menu
• Saving a PDF attachment opened in a separate tab saved the email message instead
• Opening a PDF attachment from a message in a standalone or compose window did move the focus to opened attachment
• After restart, Thunderbird was not able to restore opened message tabs when the message was in a folder with non-ASCII characters in its name
• The "pill" indicator was incorrectly shown when sending a message to newsgroup
• When printing from Calendar, after leaving the "Calendar" settings, there was no way to go back
• Month pickers in the Calendar print UI lacked scrollbars when the content overflowed
• Account Manager and Addons Manager were unreadable when using the Dark theme

• OpenPGP public keys will no longer count as an attachment in the message list
• Adding a search engine via URL now supported
• FileLink messages' template updated; Thunderbird advertisement removed
• After an update, Thunderbird will now check installed addons for updates


• New mail popups were displayed while running full screen applications
• Messages received with non-standard "koi8r" encoding were not supported
• Various macOS stability improvements
• PDF attachments opened in Firefox while composing an email
• Addons were disabled when "Offline Settings" were set to "Ask me for online state (on startup)"
• Clicking '"addons://" links in the Addons Manager prompted for an application to open it, rather than opening internally
• The Contacts sidebar "Address Book" drop down was unreadable on Windows
• vCard attachments were not shown when using "inline" view for attachments
• Importing an ICS file with TODO items failed
Oben Unten