Vivaldi 4.3.2439.44

  • [Calendar] Update invite crash fix (VB-79866)
  • [Calendar] Deleting Google Tasks Lists (VB-80582)
  • [Mail] Cannot see body of message when too many recipients in composer (VB-80388 )
  • [Mail] Pasting comma separated email addresses with extra spaces into composer fails (VB-80390)
  • [Mail][Calendar][Panel] Not displaying for users on upgrade (VB-80586)
  • [Menus] Panel context menu (or no menu) opens on right-click after opening page from Bookmarks menu (VB-74891)
  • [Panels] Blur effect broken in overflow panel (VB-80035)
  • [Settings] Button not working / Not Opening (VB-80437)
  • [Speed Dial] Thumbnail is not clickable on some area (VB-80535)
  • [Translate] Duplicate languages in language dropdown list (VB-80377)
  • [Translate] Gather more strings than just 1-3 when scrolling to improve the experience and reduce server requests (VB-80346)
  • [Translate] Some text content is not translated on some pages due to html comments (VB-80433)

Vivaldi on desktop. Version 3.8 → 4.0​

  • [New][Translations] Add support for webpage translations using Vivaldi hosted Lingvanex
  • [New] Beta for Mail, Calendar, and RSS support
  • [New] Onboarding welcome redesign: How much Vivaldi do you want? (VB-73259)
  • [New] Change the behaviour for suggesting making the browser the default (VB-74506)
  • [New][Languages] Add Azerbaijani and Kurdish (VB-80191)
  • [New][Themes] New dark/light background images for 4.0 (VB-80025)
  • [Address bar] Certain type of query with full-width characters is seen as a URL (VB-76128 )
  • [Address bar] Clicking the homepage button should give focus to web page (VB-78629)
  • [Address bar] Selected URL persists to new tab (VB-79978 )
  • [Bookmarks] Adding a bookmark and selecting a Speed Dial folder adds the bookmark first in the folder and not last as would be expected (VB-78964)
  • [Bookmarks] Cannot bookmark certain pages (VB-79767)
  • [Bookmarks] Display current folder in bookmark dialog header (VB-79145)
  • [Bookmarks] Webpage can’t be saved to bookmark if the last used bookmark folder is deleted (VB-80073)
  • [Bookmarks][Panel][Menus] All Open Pages menu does not work (VB-79952)
  • [Bookmarks][Settings] Auto-add bookmark cannot be disabled (VB-79203)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 91.0.4472.79
  • [Crash] Vivaldi don’t open (VB-79898 )
  • [Crash] When pressing Ctrl+Shift+Return in Guest Window (VB-79761)
  • [Crash] With Popups (VB-54634)
  • [Developer Tools] Reload with tools open on a web page reloads the entire browser (VB-75579)
  • [Developer Tools] Window does not get focus on a breakpoint (VB-78981)
  • [Downloads] „Download save“ popup too small with non-English UI (VB-74182)
  • [Extensions] Options page isn’t opened from QC if the extension is deactivated (VB-79526)
  • [Guest] Window menu handling is lacking functionality, e.g. multiple windows (VB-79479)
  • [Keyboard] Single key shortcuts work badly with Google Docs (VB-79062)
  • [Linux] Import from Chrome doesn’t work on Ubuntu 18.04 (VB-43934)
  • [Linux][Windows][Settings] Scrollbars do not follow OS (VB-79531)
  • [Menus] Horizontal menu not highlighting when going to the top of the screen (VB-79671)
  • [Menus] Line break character appears in the search context menu (VB-79149)
  • [Menus] Rename ‚Developer Tools Element Inspector‘ to ‚Toggle Developer Tools‘ (VB-77413)
  • [Menus] Right-clicking a tab selection with a pinned tab shows „New Tab Stack With Selection“ (VB-79123)
  • [Menus] V-button submenus don’t close with Arrow left unless first focused (VB-77916)
  • [Menus] When tabs are set to open in the background by default, the right-click menu item „Open Link in Background Tab“ still appears in many of the context menus (VB-78033)
  • [Notes] Don’t reload properly when starting Vivaldi (VB-75615)
  • [Notes] Let a clickable link open in the background tab when settings say so (VB-79000)
  • [Panels] Improve panel scrollbar positioning (VB-77753)
  • [Panels][Crash] after adding chrome-extension:// URL to web panel (VB-79695)
  • [Panels][Menus] ‚Reopen‘ command appear in the context menu for open tab in Window panel (VB-79476)
  • [Panels][Notes] Middle clicking a note does nothing (VB-78880)
  • [Panels][Notes] Text box goes all the way to the edge (VB-79508 )
  • [Profiles] Entries in the list do not expand to the full width of the pop-up (VB-79184)
  • [Quick Commands] Auto-complete should happen after pressing arrow right (VB-7897)
  • [Quick Commands] Zoom executed in preference to search (VB-78287)
  • [Settings] window title bar without bottom margin (VB-80193)
  • [Speed Dial] Cut folder shows no indication of being cut (VB-58986)
  • [Speed Dial] Developer Tools covered by Speed Dial (VB-79551)
  • [Speed Dial] Some buttons missed with tiny size and hovering titles (VB-79246)
  • [Tabs] Ability to widen vertical tab bar more (VB-73214)
  • [Tabs] Change the colour of the active tab in tab cycler (VB-79523)
  • [Tabs] Cloned tab joins deleted tab stack (VB-78797)
  • [Tabs] Cloned tab position is not next to original in stacks despite setting (VB-77459)
  • [Tabs] „Close Tabs to the Left/Right“ needs to be adapted to a two-level tab bar (VB-78624)
  • [Tabs] Inconsistent position of a new tab opened in a tabs stack (VB-79059)
  • [Tabs] Keep tab preview open when closing tabs (VB-77272)
  • [Tabs] Opening a link in a new (foreground) tab from tiled tab doesn’t work (VB-74417)
  • [Tabs] Opening a link in a tiled view causes the new tab to be tiled (VB-73965)
  • [Tabs] Speaker icon on tabs isn’t responding to clicks and doesn’t reflect audio state (VB-76401)
  • [Tabs] Stack Tabs by Hosts is always available (VB-78649)
  • [Tabs] Site muting does not work reliably (VB-79706)
  • [Tabs] WebRTC Screen Sharing of an unfocused tab fails (VB-80204)
  • [Tabs][menus] Context menu of a tab in a stack does not contain the „Hibernate Tab“ option (VB-78655)
  • [Themes] Animated „in-progress“ style should inherit color (VB-78897)
  • [Themes] Blur is inconsistent between the status bar and tabs placed at the bottom (VB-78758 )
  • [Themes][Bookmarks] Dark makes thick line above the editor (VB-79489)
  • [Windows] If the desktop background image is missing and used by the browser it fails to start (VB-79408 )
  • [macOS] Choosing to restart after an update only shuts it down (VB-80008 )
  • [macOS] Crash on checking for updates if no new version is released
  • [macOS][Menus] Services menu list disappeared (VB-79426)
  • [macOS][Updates] New UI for automatic updates (VB-74086)

  • [Windows] Upgrades failing for some users (VB-79571)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 90.0.4430.214
  • [Menus][Crash] After upgrade to a custom menu there is a crash on right click (VB-79288 )
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 90.0.4430.72
  • [Languages] Translation updates

Vivaldi 3.7 to Vivaldi 3.8

[New][Themes][Panels] Background image redesign (VB-75386)
[New][Themes] Updated Themes, Background images, and colors for 3.8 (VB-77790)
[New][Bookmarks] Autocomplete description field (VB-1706)
[New][Bookmarks][Speed Dial] Make adding items use less clicks (VB-73690)
[New][Menus][Search] Selection context menu option for a search engine should have a choice between a fixed engine and the last selected (VB-78755)
[New][Panels] Add Wikipedia and Vivaldi Help page as default Web Panels (VB-72031)
[New][Quick Commands][Extensions] Open Popups and Options Page (VB-60052)
[New][Quick Commands][Tabs][Keyboard][Gestures] Open new tab outside stack should be possible (VB-78022)
[Address bar] Copy URL from address field with query decodes the parameters (VB-77543)
[Address bar] Paste & Go highlights URL before navigating (VB-77518)
[Address bar][Settings] New tab page setting makes content is not selected on certain URLs (VB-75743)
[Blocker] The Tracking Protection Level options don’t show up on some sites (VB-72116)
[Blocker][Settings] “Manage Default Button” opens General category (VB-78552)
[Bookmarks] Metadata isn’t fetched (VB-77913)
[Chromium] Upgraded to 90.0.4430.95
[Clock] Hour and minute are misaligned in the status bar (VB-78750)
[Crash] After revisiting tab with javascript confirm popup from Developer Tools (VB-78703)
[Crash] Ensure document menu is closed when tab closes (VB-79056)
[Crash] Opening and immediately closing a private window, then opening a normal window (VB-78862)
[Crash] Sometimes when pressing the back button on the mouse (VB-78495)
[Crash][Blocker] On certain sites if uBlock Origin installed and the blocking level of the native blocker is changed (VB-78996)
[FLoC] Remove various references to it from components (VB-78669)
[Keyboard][Quick commands] Add “Disable Mouse Gestures” (VB-34676)
[Languages] Kabyle is missing date strings (VB-78043)
[Languages] The “Manage Default Settings” button in the content blocker popup is too narrow (VB-71127)
[Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 89.0.4389.90
[Menus] Let “open in private window” be enabled from a private window (VB-78060)
[Menus] Move the “reopen closed tab” command to the top (VB-78496)
[Menus][Address bar] Right-click breaks after right-click on empty trash (VB-78704)
[Menus][Bookmarks] Action to add separator missing (VB-78383)
[Menus][Developer Tools] Appears twice in the context menu when not shown as subfolder (VB-78075)
[Menus][Extensions] Hidden items get displayed (VB-78960)
[Menus][Media] Audio and Video entries not shown when right-clicking a video (VB-78044)
[Menus][Notes] Creating a note from a text field fails (VB-78284)
[Menus][Sync] Sending links to other devices via sync no longer possible (VB-78346)
[Menus][Tabs] Change “New Tab Stack” to “Stack Selected Tabs (x Tabs)” (VB-78213)
[Menus][Tabs] Enable context menu in second level (VB-78590)
[Menus][macOS] Services sub-menu missing (VB-77622)
[Menus][Panels] Context menu to open in a new window opens in a private window (VB-78119)
[Periodic Reload] Elements/UI blinking during periodic reload (VB-78421)
[Pop out Video] Prevent PIP container from blocking content (VB-69092)
[Search] Searx POST unavailable/defective from Search Field (VB-68138)
[Settings] Focus Page Content on new tab (VB-78096)
[Speed Dial] Align add button text to center (VB-78240)
[Speed Dial][Settings] Updated layout for Start Page (VB-72606)
[Tabs] Blinking when hovering over the mute icon of an inactive pinned tab (VB-79025)
[Tabs] Can’t drag a tab out of a compact tab stack (VB-77749)
[Tabs] Cloning a tab in a tab stack should have it join stack (VB-78640)
[Tabs] Cloning multiple tabs shifts focus to each individual tab (VB-76662)
[Tabs] Don’t highlight tab when dragging over the edges (VB-77811)
[Tabs] Drag and drop highlighting for pinned tabs should be distinct (VB-77742)
[Tabs] Drag tab fails on certain sites (VB-78066)
[Tabs] Moving tabs in private windows impossible (VB-77154)
[Tabs] Only highlight content inside the outline of tabs when stacking (VB-77888)
[Tabs] Order changes when added as a stack from left (VB-77724)
[Tabs] Page Tiling resets existing selection (VB-78352)
[Tabs] Renamed stack loses name when merging with another tab (VB-77843)
[Tabs] Selection inside of stack selects in a main row too (VB-76565)
[Tabs] Selection outline is uneven (VB-77854)
[Tabs] Unnecessary padlock icon change while loading URL (VB-77519)
[Tabs] Update middle mouse click handling in tabs (VB-78398)
[Tabs][Panels] Stack’s name is different between Window Panel and Tab bar (VB-78037)
[Themes] Background image obscured for tiled internal pages (VB-78393)
[Themes][macOS] Toolbar colors wrong in fullscreen (VB-78358)
[UI] Search-in-page field loses focus on URL change (VB-78058)
[UI] Stuck in full-screen state after creating new tab from full-screen video (VB-77692)
[Windows] Problems with setting the default browser on Windows 8 (VB-78770)
[Windows] Use transparent start menu icon in Windows 8/10 (VB-78046)
[Windows][Installer] 64bit installed over 32bit is not handled well (VB-79028)
[macOS] System menubar camera icon should be a template image (VB-77541)
  • [Chromium][Security] Backported patch for issue under active attack (CVE-2021-21224)
  • [Chromium][Security] Backported patch for issue under active attack (CVE-2021-21224)

  • [Extensions][Crash] Via GM_download() in Tampermonkey (VB-77791)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 89.0.4389.82
  • [macOS][Media] Many short videos on Twitter and other services are corrupted (VB-76282)
  • [Windows] Old shortcuts to launch Vivaldi are broken for some users (VB-78070)
  • Translation updates

Changelog from 3.6 to 3.7​


  • [New][Languages] Add support for Kabyle (VB-77579)
  • [New][Menus] Add support for configurable document menus (VB-76801)
  • [New][Panel][Reload] Support Periodic Reload in web panels (VB-72220)
  • [New][Quick Commands] Parse the periodic reload values: single quote for minutes and double for seconds (VB-72281)
  • [New][Quick Commands][Settings] Search highlight priority options (VB-54530)
  • [New][Windows] Silent update support, stage 1, silent download of updates: this cannot be tested until the first update after this build
  • [New][macOS][Performance] Universal Binaries for native support on Apple M1 machine
Address Bar

  • [Address bar] Cannot edit URL on (VB-77016)
  • [Address bar] Focus isn’t in the address field when creating a new window (VB-77049)
  • [Address bar] Nickname searching shows incorrect search string (VB-60002)
  • [Address bar] Not clear on Alt + Enter (VB-77490)
  • [Address bar] Unexpected auto-complete (VB-76610)
  • [Address bar][Tabs] Full address field shown when switching between tabs (VB-77053)
  • [Bookmarks] Import for Chromium Edge (VB-71694)

  • [Linux] Dragging a toolbar button creates a huge white rectangle (VB-76129)
  • [Linux] Setting the Window controls to the left, causes the Vivaldi menu to overlap the trash (VB-76438)

  • [Menus] Add a context menu entry to Hide/Show Start Page Navigation (VB-77309)
  • [Menus] “Add as search engine” is visible on all page input fields (VB-76982)
  • [Menus][Tabs] Add item to stack similar tabs, “Stack tabs by Hosts” via the context menu (VB-73465)
  • [Menus][Zoom] Context menu is offset when interface zoom is greater/less than 100% (VB-77095)
Quick Commands

  • [Quick Commands] Highlight matched keywords (VB-7449)
  • [Quick Commands] Internal favicons look rather slim (VB-74475)
  • [Quick Commands] Opening bookmark folder with a nickname (VB-75834)
  • [Quick Commands] Search with the nickname and default search engine includes nickname in the search string (VB-74655)
  • [Quick Commands] Various minor issues (VB-76009)
  • [Quick Commands][Calculator] Simple float point calculations are displayed wrongly (VB-75553)

  • [Tabs] Auto-Created tab stacks ungroup in incorrect order (VB-54403)
  • [Tabs] Can’t display tab bar in full screen (VB-76386)
  • [Tabs] Double-clicking to resize tab stack doesn’t resize tab when tabs are on the sides (VB-76224)
  • [Tabs] Improve drag and drop between tab bars (VB-74588)
  • [Tabs] Let the keyboard shortcut for opening a new tab open inside a stack is open (VB-76433)
  • [Tabs] Lock button in the two-level bar does not change color (VB-75157)
  • [Tabs] Middle clicking in tab previews can close the wrong tab (VB-77270)
  • [Tabs] New tab button is not centered in the second level with tabs on the sides (VB-76440)[
  • Tabs] New tab from full-screen video leaves Vivaldi in a full-screen state (VB-76651)
  • [Tabs] New tab isn’t created as active when inside tab stack (VB-77071)
  • [Tabs] New tab page is slow to select/focus within the second row of tabs (VB-75748)
  • [Tabs] Not all cloned tabs from a tab-stack join it (VB-75048)
  • [Tabs] Popup thumbnails often disappear when the second level is open (VB-76828)
  • [Tabs] Tab muting can be overridden by site-settings (VB-76083)
  • [Tabs] “Remove tab spacing in maximized windows” no longer works for the bottom tab bar position (VB-76231)
  • [Tabs][Crash] When clicking the new tab icon repeatedly on the second level of a stack (VB-76552)
  • [Tabs][Extensions] Tab close doesn’t work after doing chrome.tabs.remove() by extension (VB-77135)
  • [Tabs][Menus] Don’t show the close tab context menu for Pinned tab (VB-76217)
  • [Tabs][Notes] Manager misbehaves with tiled tabs (VB-76326)
  • [Tabs][Performance] Various Performance issues (VB-76185)
  • [Tabs][Sounds] Mute/unmute on a tab without sound does not change (VB-77062)

  • [macOS] Exiting fullscreen video exit the fullscreen (VB-76734)
  • [macOS] Music does not play on (VB-73896)
  • [macOS] Windows not resized/repositioned when disconnecting an external monitor (VB-49692)

  • [Extensions] Toolbar partly transparent (VB-76605)
  • [Keyboard][Settings] Setting Alt+F4 or Shift+Alt+F4 as a hotkey works but it still acts as exit (VB-60364)
  • [Passwords][Windows][macOS] Import from Chrome is not possible: further work needed for Linux (VB-62410)
  • [Periodic reload] Rewrite to avoid various issues (VB-77142)
  • [Themes] Inconsistency with rounded corners (VB-76670)
  • [Trash] Restoring closed window with several tabs restores last closed tab instead (VB-74091)
  • [UI] Status info overlay is appearing on top of fullscreen videos (VB-12219)
  • [Windows] Desktop shortcut gets the wrong name after dragging from address field (VB-47827)
  • [Settings][Search] Add some context and info to the POST option (VB-77267)
  • [Settings][Search] Make it easier to set/understand the Default Search engine (VB-77105)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 89.0.4389.91
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