VLC media player

VLC media player 3.0.16

3.0.16 Fixes​

  • VLC 3.0.16 is the seventeenth update of "Vetinari":
  • Fixes delays when seeking with D3D11
  • Fixes opening DVD folders with non-ASCII characters
  • Fixes ASF regressions with broadcast streams
  • Fixes dropping audio on seek with specific MP4 content
  • Read the documentation when upgrading from VLC 3.0.12.
  • Adds TouchBar support on macOS
  • Fixes seek & volume sliders overlapping with subtitles
  • Improves freetype fonts outlining
  • Fixes HTTPS support on Windows XP
  • Fixes OPUS and ALAC playback in WAV
Nun auch Webseite gelistet und mit change.log
Changes between 3.0.14 and 3.0.15:

* Add Opus & Alac wave format mappings

* Fix opening DVD folders with non-ascii characters

* Fix asf regression with broadcast streams
* MP4: Fix audio drop on seek

Video Output:
* Fix seek & volume sliders overlapping with subtitles
* Fix delays when seeking with D3D11

Text renderer:
* Improve freetype fonts outlining

* Fix GnuTLS support for Windows XP
Changes between 3.0.13 and 3.0.14:

* Fix double loading of slave input
* Fix an issue causing the auto-updater not to launch the new version
Changes between and 3.0.13:

* Adaptive: fix artefacts in HLS streams with wrong profiles/levels
* Fix regression on some MP4 files for the audio track
* Fix MPGA and ADTS probing in TS files
* Fix Flac inside AVI files
* Fix VP9/Webm artefacts when seeking

* Support SSA text scaling
* Fix rotation on Android rotation
* Fix WebVTT subtitles that start at 00:00

* Update libnfs to support NFSv4
* Improve SMB2 integration
* Fix Blu-ray files using Unicode names on Windows
* Disable mcast lookups on Android for RTSP playback

Video Output:
* Rework the D3D11 rendering wait, to fix choppiness on display

* Fix VLC getting stuck on close on X11 (#21875)
* Improve RTL on preferences on macOS
* Add mousewheel horizontal axis control
* Fix crash on exit on macOS
* Fix sizing of the fullscreen controls on macOS

* Fix subtitles/OSD under Windows XP

* Update translations
* Improve MIDI fonts search on Linux
* Update Soundcloud, Youtube, liveleak
* Fix compilation with GCC11
* Fix input-slave option for subtitles

Changes between and 3.0.12:

* Add new RIST access module compliant with simple profile (VSF_TR-06-1)

Access Output:
* Add new RIST access output module compliant with simple profile (VSF_TR-06-1)

* Fixed adaptive's handling of resolution settings
* Improve Bluray tracks support
* Improve WMV seeking and DASH support
* Fix crashes in AVI, MKV modules

Audio output:
* Fix audio distortion on macOS during start of playback

Video Output:
* Direct3D11: Fix some potential crashes when using video filters

* Add native support for Apple Silicon / ARM-64
* Visual UI adaptations for macOS Big Sur
* Fix displaying EQ bands in the UI depending on which frequency
presets are set for the EQ in advanced preferences
* Fix UI issues in bookmarks window

* Several fixes in the web interface, including privacy and security
* Update YouTube and Vocaroo scripts
* Fix rotation filter mouse handling
* Update translations
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