AnyDesk v7.1.9 (Windows)

24.03.2023 - 7.1.9 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs
- Security Bugfix
- Fixed a bug that cut off some texts in some translations within the install window
- Fixed a bug that unexpectedly closed connections when clicking on some links
- Fixed a bug that sometimes ignored Registry keys
- Fixed a bug that made it possible to sometimes copy text unexpectedly
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to connect to custom ports
- Fixed a bug that made it possible to change overwritten Custom Client alternative screen background settings
- Fixed a bug that removed the telemetry settings on update
- Fixed a visual bug that showed the wrong number of seconds left in a session
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to invite others via context menu
- The online state of Windows Terminal Server entries is now properly shown
- Fixed a bug where the Softkeyboard didn't work as expected when connecting to a Windows 7 or XP machine

- Improved Account related Server communication
- Better wording of some account related errors
- Added tooltips to some Address Book elements
- Added new Combobox to Account Registration
26.01.2023 - 7.1.8 (Windows)

- Better message when licenses expires
- Improved translations
- Showing the oranization the user is logged in to
- Showing the Hamburger Menu over the banner

Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash when interacting with the welcome screen
- Fixed a crash when entering a license key
- Fixed an issue that wrongly opened the Address Book on startup
- Fixed a bug where unattended access sessions could miss the profile selector
- Fixed a visual bug that made the screen shake on connections
- Fixed a bug with the clipboard sync
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to copy and paste files in temporary folders
- Fixed a bug in session playbacks where the toolbar was not working properly
- Fixed a bug that disabled the discovery feature
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change the connection settings in forced login custom clients
- Fixed a bug that made re-invitations impossible after an invitation expired
- Fixed a bug that blocked the GUI when invitations were cancelled
20.12.2022 - 7.1.7 (Windows)

- Added Command Line Interface for Proxy settings
- Added new Permission to give Frontend control over the Accept Window
- Added support to lock down clients when license expires
- Added a license restriction for session comments

Fixed Bugs
- File Transfer Sessions are now properly blocked when disabled in a Custom Client
- Fixed bug where not all update options were available
- Fixed bug where the Address Book was malfunctioning on first login
- Fixed crash when starting to play recorded sessions
- Fixed several possible freezes in the client
- Fixed crash when sending special chat messages
- Fixed crash when a lot of sessions were opened to the same backend
- Fixed bug where license restrictions did not apply after switch side
- Fixed bug where the File Manager didn't work on windows 7 virtual machines
- Fixed bug where the Chat was unavailable before a session starts
- Fixed bug that prevented Address Book actions for some licenses
- Fixed crash when changing the language to Russian
- Fixed bug where the Session Watermark was shown when licensed and free users connected to the same device
- Fixed an issue with the "Lock remote account on session end" feature
- Automatic incoming session recording now works properly
- Fixed bug that presented a list of all users after failing to connect to Windows Terminal Server
- Fixed an issue with the email validator that rejected valid email addresses for User Accounts
- Fixed crash on switching sides
- Fixed bug where synchronizing the File Clipboard didn't work on Windows 7
- Fixed bug where the Free License Banner wasn't shown on Custom Clients for the first time
- Fixed bug where it was impossible to control the Keyboard and Mouse when two sessions were opened to the same device
- Fixed bug that caused some licenses to show the wrong License Name
- Fixed bug where the UI wasn't rendered properly on license key change
- Fixed an issue with the direct connection toggle
- Fixed bug where File Browser Restrictions did not correctly apply to File Transfer Sessions
- Fixed an issue where the user was disconnected after 30 minutes if registered with free licenses
- Fixed an issue where free sessions weren't properly closed after 30 minutes
- Fixed an issue where Permission Profiles were impossible to add or remove when a lot of profiles were created
- Fixed bug that caused Permission Profile restrictions to not apply correctly
- Fixed issue where incorrect popup for TCP Tunnels was shown in some circumstances
- Fixed crash in the installer
- Fixed bug that didn't open the Address Book on startup on portable clients
- Fixed crash when opening the settings for incoming only custom clients
- Fixed bug where the Screen Frame colour wasn't migrated corrected between versions
- Fixed bug that caused Borderless Windowed Fullscreen to show up on the wrong screen
- Fixed an issue where the Screen Frame was still visible after all sessions ended
- Fixed crash when opening the Address Book
- Fixed an error when connecting via the Command Line Interface
- Fixed several license issues with the Address Book
- Fixed an issue where Session Invitations were not working on Windows 7
- Fixed an issue where the Session Recording button was highlighted even though no recording has been started
- Fixed an issue where the Register User Account button was not enabled in some cases

- Improved GUI to show the user that he can't add more Address Book Entries
- Lowered the amount of drawn Watermarks when multiple sessions are active
- The Screen Frame isn't visible on the frontend anymore
- Added visual indicator for features that require licensing
- The Address Book tab is no longer closed when opening a new window
- Whiteboard drawings no longer disappear when a second session is started
- The Register User Account button is no longer active when mandatory fields are missing
- The User Account password is now removed from the Account menu when login failed
- Improved the License Banner to be more configurable
- When a potential scam is detected, all Permission Profiles are deactivated to improve user security
- Showing a proper error message when trying to login with none existing organizations
- Added a warning about minimum password requirements
- Added tooltips for several license restricted features
- The Privacy Icons are now consistent in different locations
- Improved translations
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed an issue where a logged in user couldn't access his Address Book
- Fixed an issue where a proxy with a password was not usable
- Fixed an issue where the status of the Privacy Mode wasn't shown in the System Information
- Fixed an issue where the license banner could show up in licensed sessions
- Logging in now refreshes the AnyDesk UI
- Fixed a crash when using a device that has no D3D
- Fixed a crash when uninstalling AnyDesk
- Fixed a crash after elevation

Other Changes
- Global Search can now search for names with accented characters
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed an empty prompt when trying to setup TCP Tunnels through the context menu
- Fixed a possible crash when accepting a connection

Other Changes
- Improved Account Menu on high DPI displays
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed an issue where the Account Registration dialog would not fit on small screens
- Fixed a crash in Update UI

Other Changes
- Improved validation of user inputs in Account Registration UI
- Improved Address Book UI to allow login in place
- Improved localizations
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed an issue where backend clipboard permissions restricted frontend clipboard permissions on the same machine
- Fixed an issue where the Account icon disappeared temporarily after unlocking the global settings
- Fixed an issue where "auto opening/switching" created a new session tab
- Fixed an issue when logging in with Multi Factor Authentication
- Fixed an issue when trying to add or manage Address Books
- Fixed a crash when removing or adding license keys
- Fixed a crash after updating on Windows 7
- Fixed a crash when logging in or out of an account
- Fixed a crash after first start when upgrading from 7.1.1

Other Changes
- The Address Book now closes on Account logout
- Added Banner Links to buy/upgrade AnyDesk
- Improved localizations
- General Account Menu improvements
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crashes in Command Line Interface
- Fixed a crash when creating more Permission Profiles
- Fixed a crash when quitting AnyDesk while trying to establish a connection
- Fixed a crash when changing "show remote cursor" setting during a running session
- Fixed an issue with too small File Manager icons
- Fixed an issue where the free license watermark did not disappear after disconnecting
- Fixed an issue with outgoing sessions via Command Line Interface
- Fixed issues with the expire tile
- Fixed issues where licenses were reverting after restart
- Fixed available Auto Update channels

Other Changes
- Invitation dialogs in incoming only Custom Clients no longer always stay in the foreground
- Some Popups no longer remain in foreground after Alt+Tab
- General Account Menu improvements
New Features
- Added a Software Keyboard

Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a bug where the User Account icon disappeared
- Fixed an issue with Multi Factor Authentication for org clients
- Fixed an issue when manually registering license keys
- Fixed an issue that made it impossible to create custom profiles when the client was installed
- Fixed an issue where the "Clear previous session profiles" button disappeared after installation
- Fixed an issue when inviting through context menu
- Fixed an issue where connections only showed a grey picture when accepting an invitation
- Fixed an issue where Previous Session Profiles weren't shown in the accept window
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to create Custom Profiles when disabled
- Fixed a crash when connecting with TCP Tunnels configured

Other Changes
- Ticking "I agree with Terms & Conditions" is now mandatory when creating an account
- Improved message when removing a license key
- The Account Menu no longer remains in foreground on Alt+Tab
- The default settings of the Screen Frame width have been changed (10 to 5)
- The width of the Screen Frame is now dependent on the screen DPI
- General improvements to the Account Menu
New Features
- Added User Accounts
- Added Telemetry
- Screen Frame for non-watched screens
- Added setting to automatically show/hide remote cursor
- Added Custom Client setting to force users to login
- Text Clipboard is now transitive across multiple sessions
- Added Auto Update channel Main
- Added Screen Frame support to Group Policies
- Added Session Invitation support to Group Policies
- Frontend is now able to request elevation in file transfer sessions

Fixed Bugs
- Fixed scaling issues when switching AnyDesk between displays with different scales
- Fixed issues with many backend monitors
- When connecting to Android devices, the Menu Button is now available
- Privacy Mode can now also be used, when permission is given after connection start
- Fixed an issue with default language setting in custom clients
- Fixed a crash when clicking Exit in Fullscreen Menu for custom clients
- Fixed issues with settings not visible on small screens in Fullscreen
- Fixed a crash in the File Manager when a folder and a file had identical names
- Fixed a crash in the File Manager after deleting files
- Fixed an issue with the File Manager that created zero sized files if files had special characters
- Fixed an issue with the File Manager where remote devices folders weren't properly shown when connecting for the first time
- Fixed an issue with the File Manager where the modify time of transferred files was incorrect
- Fixed an issue with setting for Custom Clients that controls permission profile selection
- Fixed an issue with transferring files via Clipboard
- Auto-adapt resolution now has the correct aspect ratio with widescreen backends
- Fixed several smaller Address Book issues
- The Whiteboard Menu can no longer be opened without permission
- Fixed an issue where a disconnected session could keep the backend alive
- Fixed an issue where Privacy Mode didn't work with alternative background
- Fixed an issue where Privacy Mode didn't work after switch sides
- Fixed an issue where Privacy Mode didn't work after sign in
- Screen Frame does now work after Remote Restart
- Fixed a client freeze issue when navigating the language dropdown menu with the keyboard
- Fixed a crash when changing the license key several times
- Outgoing only Custom Clients can no longer Switch Sides
- Fixed a crash when transmitting elevation credentials
- Updating AnyDesk no longer automatically creates Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts
- Fixed an issue with Permission Profiles where seemingly unchangeable permissions were changeable in the accept window
- Fixed a missing dll prompt on first time startup with Windows XP

Other Changes
- Improved Session Invitation Dialog
- The screen frame settings were improved
- All System Information is now shown when connecting to a Linux Backend
- Power Licenses can now enable "On session close ask for comment"
- Removed irrelevant functionality from outgoing only clients
- Improved localization
Oben Unten