BOINC Client

BOINC Client 7.24.1


What's Changed​

New Contributors​

Full Changelog: client_release/7.22/7.22.2...client_release/7.24/7.24.0
Release Notes:

  • Apparently ftok() is missing in the wasm C library. Fix this the right way. via #5229 by @davidpanderson
  • Add missing header file to the lib/CMakeLists.txt file via #5230 by @AenBleidd
  • [libboinc] fix build when integrator tries to link app with libboinc via #5232 by @AenBleidd
  • Mac: add script to notarize BOINC executables via #5238 by @CharlieFenton
  • Automake: use (libdir) via #5239 by @CyberTailor
  • Fix screensaver crash bug introduced in PR #5197 commit 689a6ea via #5244 by @CharlieFenton
  • Mac: update backtrace for MacOS 13.4 via #5245 by @CharlieFenton

Release Notes​



  • [Android] Remove hard coded Android manifest string by @talregev in #5157


  • [linux] zlib is required when building client, server or apps by @AenBleidd in #5071
  • [linux] Move all fcgi dependent stdio functions to the separate 'boinc_stdio.h' header only file by @AenBleidd in #5096
  • Manager (Unix): fix "Show VM" bug by @davidpanderson in #5218




New Contributors​

Full Changelog: client_release/7.22/7.22.0...client_release/7.22/7.22.1

Release notes​



  • Added limits to validating doubles in preferences via #4660 by @Vulpine05
  • Add estimated time remaining for file transfers via #4825 by @Vulpine05
  • Fix non-BOINC CPU usage limit on Win and Linux via #4859 by @davidpanderson
  • Mac: compute non-BOINC CPU usage in a more accurate way via #4875 by @CharlieFenton
  • Add estimated completion date and completion before deadline columns to Tasks tab via #4898 by @Vulpine05
  • Added Estimated Completion column to Advanced view > Tasks via #3403 by @Vulpine05
  • Close file descriptors if Curl initialization fails via #4915 by @davidpanderson
  • Reset progress percentage to last checkpoint when task is initialized via #4911 by @Vulpine05
  • Add not-in-use computing prefs via #4871 by @davidpanderson
  • Update cpu/gpu resources when app_config is re-read via #4938 by @Vulpine05
  • Convert ProcessorTab in Preferences dialog from wxPanel to wxScrolledWindow to show all content on small screens (e.g. 1024x768) via #4941 by @AenBleidd
  • Disable Remove button when no more exclusive applications exist via #4979 by @Vulpine05
  • Fix Account creation for user names with accented characters (Windows client) via #5025 by @davidbolvansky
  • Add warning message in preferences for suspension via #4955 by @Vulpine05
  • Fix make button labels appear in terms of use dialog via #5037 by @davidpanderson
  • Canonicalize URLs to lower case via #5027 by @hristog
  • scheduler: set type of Apple GPUs to "Apple" via #5047 by @davidpanderson
  • Mac: Fix permission errors when running client as a daemon / system service via #5061 by @CharlieFenton
All changes in this version:

Changes in 7.22.0​

  • Add prefs for when computer is not in use: #CPUs, %CPU time, suspend if non-BOINC usage exceeds X
  • Fix how non-BOINC CPU usage is calculated.

Changes in 7.20.2​

  • client: fix bug in work fetch logic for case of zero resource share and zero work buf.
  • client: if bandwidth limit is removed (up or down), remove limit from active transfers.
  • Manager: Fix switch skin when manager is not connected

Changes in 7.20.1​

  • Manager: Updated copyright year
  • Manager: Create proper sizing on SimpleView|
  • Client: ignore case in project lookup by URL
  • Client: if project has zero resource share AND work buf min is zero, don't fetch from it unless device instance is actually idle.
  • Manager, Win: Do proper verifications when saving state on application exit
  • Manager, Linux: Search for skins in /usr/(local)/share/boinc-manager/skins or ./skins folders.

Changes in 7.20.0​

  • Client: detect > 4 GB RAM on NIVIDIA GPUs
  • Client: use system's OS bundle rather than our own
  • Manager: show appropriate Welcome Page on first run.
  • Client: pass process priority to wrapper
  • Client: disable GET feature of GUI RPC
  • Manager: add ctrl-A shortcut to go to advanced view
  • Client: allow empty GUI RPC password but show warning
  • Client (linux): Ignore tty(S|ACM) devices in TTY idle time calculation
  • Client: display IPV6 addresses correctly
  • Client: don't tell Manager that graphics app exists if it's still downloading
  • Manager: fix alt-space crash
  • Manager: fix RTL languages in disk view
  • Client: add reset_host_info() GUI RPC
  • Client: put CDATA around link field of notices
  • Client: fix problems with set_app_config() RPC
  • Client: fix overly aggressive project-wide file transfer backoff policy
  • Client: fix work-fetch logic when max concurrent limits are used
  • Manager: add "Suspend when no mouse/keyboard input in last XX minutes" to prefs dialog
  • Manager: correctly handle large numbers in prefs
  • Manager (Win): Make Manager DPI unaware to let wxWidgets and Windows scale GUI elements properly
  • Manager: fix failure to connect to client with non-English language
  • Client (Win): fix detection of Windows product
  • Client: Fix bug in new version check
  • Mac: fix screensaver preferences dialog under MacOS 12 Monterey
  • Mac: ensure curl does not depend on unavailable libraries
  • Mac: use newer libraries: c-ares-1.17.2, curl-7.79.1, freetype-2.11.0, openssl-3.0.0, wxWidgets-3.1.5

Changes in 7.16.20:​

  • This version fixes a problem that prevented BOINC from communicating with several projects and account managers.

Changes in 7.16.11:​

  • Win installer: bump VBox version to 6.1.12.
  • Manager: change “Show graphics” button to “Stop graphics” when gfx running (Mac only)
  • Mac: Fix screensaver coordinator to run properly under Mac OS 11 Big Sur
  • Mac: Enable close button in project graphics run by BOINC Manager “Show Graphics”
  • Manager: remove cookie-based autoattach schemes
  • Client: if AM reply includes a project we’re attached to under a different account, honor the params in the AM reply, e.g resource share.
  • Client: Pass user priority config items to wrappers
  • Mac: Improved screensaver logic for OS 10.15 Catalina
  • Client: allow specifying device name in cc_config.xml
  • Manager: don’t let user attach to account manager as a project.
  • Client: initialize log flags to tasks, sched_ops, file_xfer
  • Added a warning when the manager detects a second copy of itself
  • Client: measure disk usage in terms of allocated disk space, not file size
  • Client: avoid CPU starvation when GPU computing is suspended
  • Client: don’t allow empty GUI RPC password
  • Client: don’t show “no work” messages as notices
  • Client: let a project master URL change from http: to https: without involving the user.
  • When parsing NVIDIA driver version, max minor version with 99.
  • Client: GUI RPC: bind to INADDR_ANY if a remote host is actually configured

Changes in 7.16:​

Released 10 March 2020

  • If output file is missing on startup, flag task as error.
  • Let project specify directories in logical file names.
  • Fix security vulnerability involving logical file names.
  • Make “reread config files” work for ncpus.
  • Support fetch of files over GUI RPC; allow projects to supply their own web-based GUI.
  • FreeBSD: check for AVX
  • Support GUI RPCs as HTTP Post requests.
  • Register user consent to terms of use.
  • Enable “Other options” in simple view if no client connected.
  • Clear “vm_extensions_disabled” flag on startup.
  • Fix work fetch bug when max_concurrent used.
  • Unsuspend jobs before telling them to quit.
  • Sanity-check job runtime limits.
  • Fix overflow in OpenCL GPU FLOPS calculation.
  • Windows: show processor group info at startup
  • Fix stall if –skip_cpu_benchmarks
  • Fix crash in RSS feed fetch
  • Windows: fix GUI RPC password generation when running in a VM
  • Windows: make –dir work
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