Media Player Classic - Home Cinema

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.9.22 hotfix resolves two regressions that occurred in 1.9.12:

  • Low quality subtitles in certain situations
  • Video display issue when moving player to a larger resolution monitor
Changes from 1.9.11 to 1.9.12:


  • Changed default setting for subtitle texture resolution. This change only affects playback on screens with 4K resolution. In that case subtitles are now rendered at 1080p resolution (and then scaled to final size). This improves performance on such systems. You can of course change the setting to 4k if you prefer slightly sharper subtitles.
  • Some improvements related to the youtube-dl support.
  • Added support for downloading subtitles for streams extracted by youtube-dl. You can specify desired subtitle language(s) here: Options > Advanced
  • Strips html tags when found in SRT subtitles.
  • Added prompt when enabling OpenSubtitle option, mentioning than an account is required on their website.
  • Removed SubDB subtitle provider. Their site has been offline for a long time.
  • Removed obsolete RealMedia and QuickTime frameworks. These were only available in 32-bit builds, and were already not used by default anymore for a long time. Now such files are always played using the internal DirectShow codecs.

  • Fixed issue where recent file list could get cleared when opening a file with a very long path.
  • Several other small fixes and improvements.
Changes from 1.9.10 to 1.9.11:


  • LAV Filters version 0.75-2-gddef5
  • MediaInfo DLL version 21.03
  • Changes/additions/improvements:

  • Added basic support for embedded WebVTT subtitles
  • Seek preview window now uses same aspect ratio as the video
  • After long pause (> 10 min) or hibernation, the player now performs a seek to current position before resuming. This re-initializes the video decoder, and hopefully solves a hang/crash on certain systems (with buggy graphics driver).
  • Some improvements for the youtube-dl functionality. It now also supports DASH manifest URLs.


  • Fixed subtitle regression that could cause subtitles to be skipped in certain situations when multiple lines were visible
  • Fixed issue with seeking to nearest keyframe
  • Fixed issue where the seek preview window broke the "always on top" functionality
  • A few other small fixes
Changes from 1.9.19 to 1.9.10:


  • Some optimizations for the seek preview functionality
  • Seek preview now gets hidden when dragging the seekbar
  • Renamed “System Default” video renderer to “Video Mixing Renderer 7”. This to prevent people from thinking this ancient renderer is the preferred one. Also changed order of the available renderers to put the recommended ones at the top.
  • The player now tries to parse JSON output from youtube-dl even when that has encountered an error. This fixes loading of youtube playlists that contain deleted videos.
  • Added a timeout in LAV Splitter code to prevent the player from freezing in case of certain network connection errors during playback of online streams
  • Added support for text color tags in WebVTT subtitles
  • Subtitle render buffer is now disabled by default. It doesn’t provide any noticeable performance benefit for most users.
  • A few other small changes

  • Fixed subtitle text encoding bug that caused wrong characters to be displayed (regression in 1.9.9)
  • Fixed issue that caused wrong keyframe to be show in seek preview window. Now a seek will go to the same frame as shown in the preview.
  • Fixed issue in sub picture buffer implementation that could result in reduced rendering performance for animated subtitles in certain cases
  • A few other small fixes
Oben Unten