Opera 75.0.3969.171

75.0.3969.171 – 2020-04-13 blog post

  • CHR-8380 Update chromium on desktop-stable-89-3969 to 89.0.4389.114
  • DNA-91889 [LastCard] Better condition to determine if registration is completed
  • DNA-91987 packaging:create_opautotestlist_json fails on pip fetching
  • DNA-92249 Synchronization ‘enabled’ pop out has patchy background color
  • DNA-92332 Add DigiCertGlobalRoot to get.geo.opera.com pin list
  • DNA-92362 [Win+Lin] Opera browser can’t be closed after dismissing the ‘Warn on quitting Opera..” dialog
  • DNA-92410 [Download popup] Selected item still looks bad in dark mode
  • DNA-92412 Fix adding universal package to correct build
  • DNA-92458 Dark mini player
  • DNA-92524 Missing dependency on safe_browsing

75.0.3969.141 – 2020-04-01 blog post

  • CHR-8356 Update chromium on desktop-stable-89-3969 to 89.0.4389.90
  • DNA-91636 [Linux] Use component-updated Widevine CDM
  • DNA-91909 Follow up review issues from DNA-91863
  • DNA-92220 Fix errors in O75 translations
  • DNA-92261 Enable kFeatureNewFeedbackForSearchInTabs for all streams
  • DNA-92296 Crash when clicking buttons/links on default browser infobar
  • DNA-92339 Make #cashback flag visible
Oben Unten