Opera 88.0.4412.74

88.0.4412.74 – 2022-07-05 blog post

  • DNA-100645 Cherry-pick CVE-2022-2294 onto stabilization branches

88.0.4412.53 – 2022-06-23 blog post

  • DNA-99108 [Lin] Options on video pop out not possible to change
  • DNA-99832 On automatic video popout, close button should not stop video
  • DNA-99833 Allow turning on and off of each ‘BABE’ section from gear icon
  • DNA-99852 Default browser in Mac installer
  • DNA-99993 Crashes in AudioFileReaderTest, FFmpegAACBitstreamConverterTest
  • DNA-100045 iFrame Exception not unblocked with Acceptable Ads
  • DNA-100291 Update snapcraft uploading/releasing in scripts to use craft store

88.0.4412.40 – 2022-06-13 blog post

  • CHR-8905 Update chromium on desktop-stable-102-4412 to 102.0.5005.115
  • DNA-99260 [Win] “Undefined” text under spell check setting
  • DNA-99713 Sizing issues with video conferencing controls in PiP window
  • DNA-99831 Add ‘back to tab’ button like on video pop-out

88.0.4412.27 – 2022-06-08 blog post

  • DNA-99190 Investigate windows installer signature errors on win7
  • DNA-99725 Crash at opera::ModalDialogViews::Show()
  • DNA-99752 Do not allow to uncheck all lists for adBlock
  • DNA-99918 Enable #scrollable-tab-strip on desktop-stable-102-4412
  • DNA-99969 Promote O88 to stable

87.0.4390.45 – 2022-06-02 blog post

  • DNA-99478 Top Sites don’t always has big icon
  • DNA-99692 Disable tab strip scrolling on Windows 7
  • DNA-99702 Enable Acceptable Ads for stable stream
  • DNA-99725 Crash at opera::ModalDialogViews::Show()
  • DNA-99752 Do not allow to uncheck all lists for adBlock

87.0.4390.36 – 2022-05-26 blog post

  • CHR-8883 Update chromium on desktop-stable-101-4390 to 101.0.4951.67
  • DNA-99190 Investigate windows installer signature errors on win7
  • DNA-99502 Sidebar – API to open panels
  • DNA-99593 Report sad tab displayed counts per kind
  • DNA-99628 Personalized Speed Dial context menu issue fix

87.0.4390.25 – 2022-05-17 blog post

  • CHR-8870 Update chromium on desktop-stable-101-4390 to 101.0.4951.64
  • DNA-99209 Enable #easy-files-multiupload on all streams
  • DNA-99325 Use a preference to set number of recent searches and recently closed in unfiltered dropdown
  • DNA-99353 Translations for O87
  • DNA-99365 Adding title to the first category duplicates categories titles in the dropdown
  • DNA-99385 Feedback button in filtered dropdown can overlap with other web buttons for highlighted suggestion
  • DNA-99391 Add bookmarks at the bottom of a bookmarks bar folder
  • DNA-99491 Suggestion is not immediately removed form recent searches view in dropdown.
  • DNA-99501 Promote O87 to stable
  • DNA-99504 “Switch to tab” button is not aligned to the right for some categories in dropdown

86.0.4363.59 – 2022-05-10 blog post

  • DNA-99021 Crash in sidebar when extension of sidebar item was uninstalled
  • DNA-99359 Crash at opera::ContinueShoppingExpiredProductRemoverImpl::RemoveExpiredProducts()

86.0.4363.50 – 2022-05-05 blog post

  • DNA-68493 Opera doesn’t close address field drop-down when dragging text from the address field
  • DNA-99003 Crash at views::Widget::GetNativeView() const
  • DNA-99133 BrowserSidebarWithProxyAuthTest.PreloadWithWebModalDialog fails
  • DNA-99230 Switching search engine with shortcut stopped working after DNA-99178
  • DNA-99317 Make history match appear on top

86.0.4363.32 – 2022-04-27 blog post

  • DNA-98510 Blank icon in sidebar setup
  • DNA-98525 Unable to drag tab to far right
  • DNA-98893 Sound indicator is too precise in Google Meet
  • DNA-98909 [Mac Net Installer] Legal documents links don’t work
  • DNA-98919 Shopping corner internal API access update
  • DNA-98924 Tab tooltip gets stuck on screen
  • DNA-98981 Enable easy-files-multiupload on developer stream
  • DNA-98998 [Mac] Installer crash : Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSRangeException
  • DNA-99041 Move Shopping Corner to sidebar entry
  • DNA-99061 Enable #address-bar-dropdown-categories on all streams
  • DNA-99062 Create flag to show top sites and recently closed in unfiltered suggestions
  • DNA-99064 Hard to drag & drop current URL to a specific folder on bookmarks bar when unfiltered dropdown is displayed
  • DNA-99070 Make scroll button in Continue On scroll multiple items
  • DNA-99089 Shopping corner tab is not preserved after restart
  • DNA-99115 Request updating the Avro schema for sidebar event
  • DNA-99117 Make sure shopping corner is enabled by default
  • DNA-99129 [Mac] Crash in Network Installer
  • DNA-99178 Left/right not working in address bar dropdown
  • DNA-99204 Hide Shopping Corner by default
Oben Unten