Opera 88.0.4412.74

86.0.4363.22 – 2022-04-20 blog post

  • CHR-8843 Update chromium on desktop-stable-100-4363 to 100.0.4896.127
  • DNA-98236 Turn on #snap-text-selection on all streams
  • DNA-98507 DCHECK at address_bar_controller.cc(547)
  • DNA-98528 Suggestions for internal pages disappear when typing their full name
  • DNA-98538 Change name of “Opera Crypto Wallet” to “Crypto Wallet”
  • DNA-98540 Booking.com used instead of custom search engine
  • DNA-98587 Favicon of booking suggestion in the city category is unexpectedly changing
  • DNA-98605 City suggestions should show URL in address field when selected
  • DNA-98608 #address-bar-dropdown-categories expired
  • DNA-98616 Add recent searches to ‘old’ BABE
  • DNA-98668 Switch to tab button leads to wrong tab
  • DNA-98673 Improve suggestion removal handling in suggestion providers
  • DNA-98681 Remove unused suggestion consumers
  • DNA-98684 Have a dedicated SuggestionList for the new address bar dropdown
  • DNA-98685 Enable #native-crypto-wallet on developer
  • DNA-98688 “Disable this feature” mini-menu settings is non-intuitive
  • DNA-98690 Autocompleted text stayed in address field after removing suggestion
  • DNA-98738 Inline autocomplete suggestion for SD disappears after typing 3rd letter of SD name
  • DNA-98743 Blank dropdown after pressing space key
  • DNA-98783 Improve showing suggestions with long URLs or page titles
  • DNA-98785 “Switch to tab” button not shown for suggestions with www subdomain when typing domain text
  • DNA-98879 “Disable suggestions before typing” mini-menu option should change to “Enable suggestions before typing” when being selected
  • DNA-98917 Translations for O86
  • DNA-98975 Turn on #snap-crop-tool on all channels
  • DNA-98980 Enable #native-crypto-wallet on all streams
  • DNA-98992 [WIN] Better diagnostics for signature verification errors in installer
  • DNA-99005 The sidebar item is not visible for already active crypto wallet users when #native-crypto-wallet flag is enabled.
  • DNA-99007 Crash at TemplateURLRef:: ParseIfNecessary(SearchTermsData const&) const
  • DNA-99047 Promote O86 to stable

85.0.4341.60 – 2022-04-06 blog post

  • DNA-97492 [Mac] Crash on exception: [NSScreen auxiliaryTopLeftArea]
  • DNA-98666 Set baidu as default search engine in China
  • DNA-98707 Hint is not displayed for new crypto wallet sidebar icon
  • DNA-98775 RichHintsSearchEngineCondition.testSogouSearchEngine errors

85.0.4341.47 – 2022-04-01 blog post

  • DNA-98249 Add feature flag #native-crypto-wallet
  • DNA-98250 Install extension on startup
  • DNA-98251 Make Crypto Wallet setting enable / disable extension
  • DNA-98252 Deactivate old desktop crypto wallet
  • DNA-98253 Always show “Crypto Wallet” in Sidebar Setup
  • DNA-98497 Crash when installing extension
  • DNA-98506 Enable opera_feature_crypto_wallet_encryption on desktop
  • DNA-98510 Blank icon in sidebar setup
  • DNA-98538 Change name of “Opera Crypto Wallet” to “Crypto Wallet”
  • DNA-98685 Enable #native-crypto-wallet on developer
  • DNA-98766 Crash at opera::AddressBarControllerImpl::OpenNativeDropdown()
  • DNA-98768 Crash at extensions::ContentFilterPrivateIsWhitelistedFunction::Run()
  • DNA-98770 Recent searches stay in address field after selecting entry from dropdown
  • DNA-98772 Screen sharing broken
  • DNA-98803 Autofilled part appended after selecting address bar using shortcut

85.0.4341.28 – 2022-03-29 blog post

  • CHR-8816 Update chromium on desktop-stable-99-4341 to 99.0.4844.84
  • DNA-98092 Crash at views::MenuItemView::GetMenuController()
  • DNA-98278 Translations for O85
  • DNA-98320 [Mac] Unable to delete recent search entries
  • DNA-98614 Show recent searches for non-BABE users
  • DNA-98615 Allow removal of recent searches
  • DNA-98616 Add recent searches to ‘old’ BABE
  • DNA-98617 Make it possible to disable ad-blocker per-country
  • DNA-98651 Remove Instagram and Facebook Messenger in Russia
  • DNA-98653 Add flag #recent-searches
  • DNA-98696 smoketest PageInfoHistoryDataSourceTest.FormatTimestampString failing
  • DNA-98703 Port Chromium issue 1309225 to Opera Stable

85.0.4341.18 – 2022-03-23 blog post

  • CHR-8789 Update chromium on desktop-stable-99-4341 to 99.0.4844.51
  • DNA-98059 [Linux] Crash at opera::FreedomSettingsImpl::IsBypassForDotlessDomainsEnabled
  • DNA-98349 [Linux] Crash at bluez::BluezDBusManager::Get()
  • DNA-98126 System crash dialog shown on macOS <= 10.15
  • DNA-98331 [Snap] Meme generator cropping / resizing broken
  • DNA-98394 Audio tab indicator set to “muted” on videoconferencing sites
  • DNA-98481 Report errors in opauto_collector

84.0.4316.42 – 2022-03-17 blog post

  • DNA-94119 Upgrade curl to 7.81.0
  • DNA-98092 Crash at views::MenuItemView::GetMenuController()
  • DNA-98204 Automatic popout happens when video is paused
  • DNA-98231 Shortcuts are blocked by displayed tab tooltip when triggered quickly after tooltip appears

84.0.4316.31 – 2022-03-03 blog post

  • CHR-8772 Update chromium on desktop-stable-98-4316 to 98.0.4758.109
  • DNA-97573 [Win][Lin]”Close tab” button is not displayed on tabs playing media when many tabs are open
  • DNA-97729 cancelling the process uploading custom Wallpaper crashes the browser
  • DNA-97871 Google meet tab’s icons don’t fit on pinned tab
  • DNA-97872 Tab is being unpinned when video conferencing button is clicked
  • DNA-98039 Dark theme top sites have black background
  • DNA-98117 Clicking current tab information should hide tooltip

84.0.4316.21 – 2022-02-24 blog post

  • CHR-8762 Update chromium on desktop-stable-98-4316 to 98.0.4758.102
  • DNA-97333 ‘Add a site’ label on start page tile barely visible
  • DNA-97691 Opera 84 translations
  • DNA-97767 Wrong string in FR
  • DNA-97855 Crash at ScopedProfileKeepAlive::~ScopedProfileKeepAlive()
  • DNA-97982 Enable #snap-upstream-implementation on all streams

84.0.4316.14 – 2022-02-16 blog post

  • CHR-8753 Update chromium on desktop-stable-98-4316 to 98.0.4758.82
  • DNA-97112 [Mac] Crash when changing workspace in base::MessagePumpNSApplication:: DoRun(base::MessagePump:: Delegate*)
  • DNA-97177 Battery saver – the icon looks bad for DPI!=100%
  • DNA-97614 automatic video pop-out for most popular websites broadcasting Winter Olympic Games 2022
  • DNA-97804 Promote O84 to stable

83.0.4254.62 – 2022-02-15 blog post

  • DNA-97614 automatic video pop-out for most popular websites broadcasting Winter Olympic Games 2022
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