1. pipin

    PR AMD Showcases Growing Momentum for AMD Powered AI Solutions from the Data Center to PCs

    — Microsoft, Dell Technologies, HPE, Lenovo, Meta, Oracle, Supermicro and others adopt new AMD Instinct MI300X and MI300A data center AI accelerators for training and inference solutions — — AMD also launches ROCm 6 software stack with significant performance optimizations and new features for...
  2. pipin

    PR Atos to build Max Planck Society’s new BullSequana XH3000-based supercomputer

    Munich, February 9<sup>th</sup>, 2023 Atos today announces a contract to build and install a new high-performance computer for the Max Planck Society, a world-leading science and technology research organization. The new system will be based on Atos’ latest BullSequana XH3000 platform, which is...
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