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AMAX Launches New Generation of HPC Solutions Optimized for New AMD 12-Core Processors


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Fremont, CA - March 29, 2010 – AMAX, a leading ODM manufacturer of appliance platforms , server and storage builder in North America , delivers a new generation of servers, graphics and GPU workstation platforms that are fully optimized for the new 12-core AMD 6000 Series Opteron™ processors (code-named Magny Cours).

AMAX’s comprehensive line of 12-core AMD-based solutions includes the new 2U Quad Node with four hot-swappable dual-processor computing nodes which supports up to 96 processing cores, as well as 1U Twin™ and quad-processor 1U servers which support for up to 48 processing cores. These solutions are ideal for highly threaded applications that drive the needs for more cores and greater scalability, including file, database, web and email, storage appliance, virtualization, HPC and medical applications.

"Our ServMax series of AMD-based solutions deliver great value to customers in all segments of the server, blade and workstation marketplace," said James Huang, Product Marketing Manager at AMAX. "AMAX offers truly application-optimized platforms. The leading system-level power efficiency of our cutting-edge computing solution enables us to deliver earth-friendly solutions with exceptional performance-per-watt capabilities that empower customers to grow, adapt and scale as their business demands evolve."

Additional features of AMAX’s AMD-based HPC solutions include:
  • Universal I/O designs: Provide flexible I/O customization and investment protection
  • High memory capacity: 16 and 32 DIMM models with high capacity memory support to dramatically improve memory and virtualization performance
  • Dual Hyper-Transport™ technology link designs: Superior system bandwidth and performance
  • Hyper-Transport Extension connector design: Helps to enlarge product support scope with Hyper-Transport connection devices
  • High-efficiency VRMs: Save energy and reduce electricity costs
  • High-efficiency power supplies : Further increases overall system power savings
  • Support for C1E power management, Cool Speed, Precision Thermal Monitor, Remote Power Management Interface, Dual Dynamic Power Management™ (DDPM), CoolCore, Enhanced PowerNow!, Wide Floating Point Accelerator, Memory Optimizer Technology, Balanced Smart Cache, AMD-Vc (Rapid Virtualization Indexing), Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP), and Open Platform Management Architecture (OPMA)
About AMAX

Founded in 1979, AMAX is a trusted leader in Custom Server and Storage Solutions in North America . AMAX’s Appliance Manufacturing Division provides efficient and top-of-the-line manufacturing solutions and global logistics to OEM customers; and AMAX’s Corporate Solutions Division provides innovative and scalable custom server, workstation, server, and cluster products. For more information, please visit www.amax.com.
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