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<div class="newsfloatleft"><img src="" border="0" alt="ImgBurn-Logo"></div>Das kostenlose Brennprogramm ImgBurn ist in der Version verfügbar. Es ist genau wie <a href="">CDBurnerXP</a> und <a href="/cgi-bin/newspub/viewnews.cgi?id=1281890548">InfraRecorder</a> ein Leichtgewicht unter den Brennprogrammen, im Gegensatz zu diesen unterstützt es auch noch ältere Windows-Versionen. Die neue Version bringt viele neue Funktionen, Änderungen und Fehlerbehebungen mit sich.

ImgBurn läuft unter Windows ab Windows 95 und Linux (mit Wine).<p style="clear:left;">
<b>Hinweis:</b> Beim installieren sollte man darauf achten nicht aus Versehen die <a href="" target="b">Ask-Toolbar</a> mit zu installieren, diese ist durch Entfernen eines Häkchens abwählbar.</p>
<ul><li><a href="http://www.imgburn.comindex.php?act=screenshots#isoread" target="b">Read</a> - Erstellt Images von Datenträgern</li><li><a href="http://www.imgburn.comindex.php?act=screenshots#isobuild" target="b">Build</a> - Erstellt Images aus lokalen bzw. aus dem Netzwerk stammenden Dateien - oder schreibt Dateien direkt auf den Datenträger</li><li><a href="http://www.imgburn.comindex.php?act=screenshots#isowrite" target="b">Write</a> - Brennt Images auf Datenträger</li><li><a href="http://www.imgburn.comindex.php?act=screenshots#isoverify" target="b">Verify</a> - Überprüft ob ein Datenträger 100%ig lesbar ist und vergleicht ihn optional mit einem vorhandenen Image</li><li><a href="http://www.imgburn.comindex.php?act=screenshots#discovery" target="b">Discovery</a> - Testet Laufwerk und Datenträger, in Kombination mit <a href="" target="b">DVDInfoPro</a> kann die Qualität des Schreibvorgangs festgestellt werden</li><li>Brennt Audio-CD's aus allen Formaten, die DirectShow / ACM unterstützen (AAC, APE, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4, MPC, OGG, PCM, WAV, WMA und WV)</li><li>Unterstützt die Image-Formate BIN, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG und PDI</li><li>Unterstützt Unicode Ordner- und Dateinamen</li></ul>
<center><a href=""><img src="" border="1" alt="ImgBurn Screenshots"></a> <a href=""><img src="" border="1" alt="ImgBurn Screenshots"></a></center>

<ul><li> - Released: Monday 6th December 2010:<i><ul>
<li>Added: Workaround for the firmware bug present in LG's BH10LS30 drive (probably all BH10 / WH10 drives) where formatting a new BD-RE with full certification enabled produces a disc that still appears as if it's unformatted in various drives.</li><li>Added: Option to have the program automatically set the book type to 'Normal' rather than 'DVD-ROM' when burning a BD Video (BDAV/BDMV folder is present) disc. Some players won't play BD (AVCHD ?) content from a disc with its book type set to DVD-ROM.</li><li>Added: Support for a new '/OPTIMISEDUPLICATEFILES' command line switch which can be used to enable that feature in Build mode as and when it's required.</li><li>Added: 'Add Selected' toolbar button in the DLE window that will add whatever's selected in the Explorer pane's Files box to the compilation.</li><li>Added: 'Display DirectShow Filter List' option to the menu when you right click in the 'Layout' box within the 'Create CUE File' window. When an audio track is selected, this will give you a list of the filters that DirectShow will be using to decode your file into a format ImgBurn can use.</li><li>Added: Discovery mode now adds a very basic ISO9660 PVD when it burns so programs don't think it's a blank disc. (Workaround for issue with CDSpeed / Opti Drive Control and DVD+RW/BD-RE media)</li><li>Added: Warnings for various layer break position issues when the program is set to 'Calculate Optimal' - previously, issues were only reported with 'User Specified' layer break positions.</li><li>Added: Display info from the DDS on BD-R / BD-RE in the Disc Info box on the right (including which drive burnt the disc - BD-R only).</li><li>Added: When building an image file with an empty 'Destination' box, the program will attempt to generate the/suggest a file name based on the 'Source' if nothing has been already been generated based on the volume labels.</li><li>Added: Option to synchronise the editing of volume label fields on the 'Change Volume Label' form (i.e. so you type in one box and it types in all three).</li><li>Added: Option of selecting the character set for the ISO9660 volume label field on the 'Change Volume Label' form.</li><li>Added: 'Uppercase' / 'Lowercase' / 'Title Case' buttons for the ISO9660 volume label fields (Build mode and 'Change Volume Label' tool - Joliet / UDF fields already had them). They're only enabled when using the 'ASCII' character set.</li><li>Added: Prompt user if attempting to build a pure UDF 2.50+ data disc on any OS prior to Vista (without 'thdudf' or 'meiudf' drivers installed). Browsing such discs on those operating systems is not possible without the use of a 3rd party driver.</li><li>Added: New ''Image Files' Folder' choice to the 'Default Destination' option in Read mode. Selecting this will make the program default to saving in the 'Image Files' folder as specified on the 'File Locations' tab.</li><li>Added: Options to control whether or not the current selection within the 'Copies' drop down box ('Build' and 'Write' modes) gets remembered / saved when the program is closed down - and thus restored when it's opened again.</li><li>Added: Shortcuts to configure the ISO9660 file system restrictions according to 1988 or 1999 specs.</li><li>Added: Option to set the initial folder for the Explorer pane in the 'Disc Layout Editor' window.</li><li>Added: Option when creating a bootable disc in Build mode to have the program patch the 'Boot Information Table'.</li><li>Added: Option to synchronise the editing of volume label fields on the 'Labels' tab in Build mode / on the 'Create Volume Label' form (i.e. so you type in one box and it types in all three).</li><li>Added: 'Batch Mode' option for 'Read' mode where it'll prompt to insert the next disc just as Write mode does when burning multiple images/copies. This allows for automated reads when using an auto loader device.</li><li>Added: 'Self Test' function on the 'Auto Loader Control' window (just loads and unloads discs until the input tray is empty).</li><li>Added: The program will prompt the user if they attempt to create a bootable DVD/HD DVD/BD/DivX video disc.</li><li>Added: 'Disc Manufacturer Information' to the disc info panels. This is used for HD DVD media.</li><li>Added: 'Dereference Link Files' option in the Settings. When enabled, the target of *.LNK files is added to the compilation rather than the LNK file itself. Applies to Advanced Build mode and only to items being added directly, not sub folders/files.</li><li>Added: Option to log skipped subfolders in Build mode (for when 'Recurse Subdirectories' is disabled).</li><li>Added: Support for Vinpower Digital RipBox autoloaders.</li><li>Added: Option to tell the program to include a header (program version + date) at the top of log files when saving them.</li><li>Added/Changed: The program will now call the 'CancelSynchronousIo' API function if you try to cancel the burn twice - i.e. where you get the 'Please be patient, I heard you the first time!' message in the log window.</li><li>Added/Changed: Tweaked the PTRobots drive enumeration code to handle situations where the API can't figure out which drives are where within the publisher.</li><li>Changed: Text in the SPLIP column within the 'create/select layer break' windows now uses the translated Yes / No values.</li><li>Changed: Using IFileDialog for the 'Open' / 'Save' / 'Browse For Folder' dialogs under Windows Vista+ now rather than GetOpenFileName/GetSaveFileName/SHBrowseForFolder.</li><li>Changed: When browsing for a file in the 'Change Volume Label' tool, the program will now default to the 'Image Files' folder (assuming there's no image selected already - where it would then use its folder).</li><li>Changed: Updated bundled Ask toolbar to latest version (</li><li>Changed: Removed all the top level 'try' / 'catch' statements in threads so the proper error handler can kick in and provide me with some decent crash reports (via Eurekalog / madExcept) !</li><li>Changed: Tweaked the NRG file parsing code a little bit so it now errors out if the user tries to load an unsupported (multi session/track) image.</li><li>Changed: The folder tree in the DLE window's Explorer pane will no longer include archives (zip files etc).</li><li>Changed: If the specified boot image file is also being added into the image itself, the program will point the boot catalog to the file in the image rather than duplicating the data in a dedicated boot image.</li><li>Changed: The program now restores the previously selected folder in the DLE window's Explorer pane when closed/reopened in a single session.</li><li>Changed: Updated the memory manager to FastMM v4.97 - Hopefully it won't cause the 'Invalid Pointer Operation' errors that 4.96 did (which is why I reverted to 4.94).</li><li>Changed: Always use the newer style images in the log window (XP and older OS's used to use different ones to Vista/7).</li><li>Changed: Tweaked the message about the program not being able to 'Read' to an ISO file slightly to include the reason why.</li><li>Changed/Fixed: Tweaked how the 'vendor specific' inquiry data gets displayed (in Drive Capabilities) - previously it wouldn't have shown up for LG drives or any others with null bytes in the field.</li><li>Fixed: Problem with internal logic (not setting a certain flag) when the program had been told to always overwrite files via CLI.</li><li>Fixed: Errors that might occur during the 'Zeroing Sectors...' phase of a full format on BD-RE media were being lost due to (silent) automatic write retries.</li><li>Fixed: Errors that might occur during the 'Writing LeadIn...' phase of burning CD media were being lost due to (silent) automatic write retries.</li><li>Fixed: Incorrect layer info displayed / logged when reading/burning BD-R DL and BD-RE DL media (BD-ROM DL was ok).</li><li>Fixed: The 'View Media Information' button in Read mode's 'Source' box was sometimes enabled when it shouldn't have been.</li><li>Fixed: Problem with the log window's position when moving the main window if the log window is minimised and snapped to the main window.</li><li>Fixed: Problem with the log window's position when being minimised.</li><li>Fixed: The 'Volume Set Identifier' wasn't being read from the ISO9660/Joliet file systems - thus the field would have been empty if they were the only file systems in the image/on the disc.</li><li>Fixed: Made a few non-autosize fields (on the 'Change Book Type' and 'Change Advanced Settings' screens) a little taller so they don't cut the text off.</li><li>Fixed: Silent failure when trying to build a bootable disc and the boot image no longer exists.</li><li>Fixed: Incorrect layer break position being read from NRG files (needed to add 1 to the value).</li><li>Fixed: 'List index out of bounds(-1)' error when pressing the 'e' key in Build mode (image file output) caused by the TTntPageControl component trying to see if it can display an invisible tab.</li><li>Fixed: 2nd attempt at fixing the issue where the program gets stuck 'Analysing Tracks' (basically, just an issue with Audio CDs).</li><li>Fixed: The wrong function name was being reported by some of the PTRobot autoloader error checking code.</li><li>Fixed: The explorer style component used in the DLE window was displaying Compressed/Encrypted files in the wrong colours (back to front RGB!).</li><li>Fixed: Complete lack of an actual option/checkbox in the Settings window for controlling 'Create DVD - Save As Ansi' (it was being used in the code but you couldn't change it anywhere!).</li><li>Fixed: Complete lack of an actual option/checkbox in the Settings window for controlling 'Create DVD - Preserve Full Pathnames' (it was being used in the code but you couldn't change it anywhere!).</li><li>Fixed: Looking at the 'Create MDS - Save As Ansi' option (rather than the 'Create DVD' one) when deciding on which file type (Ansi/Unicode) to default to in the 'Create DVD File' window's 'Save As' box.</li><li>Fixed: The 'Install For All Users' option in the installer wasn't being honoured when creating the shortcuts/icons.</li><li>Fixed: Potential 'Divide By Zero' error if the drive reports the disc capacity as a value of 0xFFFFFFFF on a double layer disc.</li></ul></i></li>
<li> - Released: Monday 6th December 2010:<i><ul>
<li>Changed: Remove some more try/catch statements (mainly to do with buffer recovery stuff) in an attempt to get to the root cause of an EInvalidOp error that I've seen in a few bug reports.</li><li>Changed/Fixed: Attempt to clean up the icons created in the wrong location by a bug in v2.5.2.0. It made them in the current user profile rather than the all users profile and could leave you with duplicate icons after installing v2.5.3.0.</li><li>Fixed: Bug introduced in v2.5.3.0 when selecting multiple files in an 'Open File' dialog box under Vista+ (i.e. those using the new IFileDialog code). The first file was being removed from the list of selected files.</li></ul></i></li>
<li> - Released: Monday 6th December 2010:<i><ul>
<li>Added: Support for Plextor PX-870 / PX-880 / PX-L890 drives to be treated as LiteOn drives (rather than true Plextor drives) by the 'Book Type' / 'Advanced Settings' code. This negates the need to manually enter the Device IDs in the 'Configure Drive OEM' window.</li><li>Added: Support for /NOSAVELOG command line switch (see ReadMe.txt for usage).</li><li>Added: Support for /FILESYSTEMONLY command line switch (see ReadMe.txt for usage).</li><li>Added: Support for relative paths when reading the boot image file name from an IBB file.</li><li>Added: Proper support for CDI images (including multi-track/session ones) via Padus's PfcToc.dll file (must be present where ImgBurn.exe is).</li><li>Changed: Show a little more firmware version information for LG drives on the Device Capabilities window and when checking for firmware updates. This is useful for drives like the BH10LS30 that display 1.00 when the full version number might actually be 1.00-A9.</li><li>Changed: Increased precision of timestamps when 'building' UDF file system.</li><li>Changed/Fixed: DLL loading method to avoid Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637).</li><li>Fixed: An internal table containing file system info during a Read/Verify operation was using an incorrect size value for files when UDF was being used and the files had multiple allocation descriptors spread over multiple sectors. (Only used when logging which file a certain bad sector belongs to)</li></ul></i></li></ul>
<b>Download:</b><ul><li><a href="">ImgBurn [Windows, Setup] - P3D</a></li><li><a href="">ImgBurn - Deutsche Sprachdatei [.zip] - P3D</a></li></ul>
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