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Acer Group and AMD: A Strategic Relationship Rich in Innovation


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Acer Group and AMD: A Strategic Relationship Rich in Innovation

Milan —3/29/2010

Acer Group has developed strong and effective collaborations with strategic partners to develop its products and solutions. Now, Acer Group intends to increase its presence on the server market and extends its range of products featuring AMD as a strategic partner for its new server line up.

Acer Group worked closely with AMD to design this new server family, focusing on customers’ need, keeping solutions simple and innovative, and able to solve real life business issues. Acer Group offers exceptional solutions, built on AMD technology, to meet today’s demanding business requirements, delivering a series of server products flexible enough to be easily repurposed for future use and investment protection.

“The new AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform, in combination with Acer Group’s innovative server design, can give small, medium and enterprise businesses flexibility in an ever-changing IT environment,” – comments Patrick Patla, Vice President and General Manager, Server and Embedded Divisions, AMD – “The AMD Opteron 6100 Series processor is the only server processor with up to 12 cores and four channels of DDR3 memory, providing the muscle to tackle larger, increasingly complex and multithreaded applications, while scaling memory and maintaining power efficiency and overall value for customers.”

Based on the new AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform, the new Acer Group server line-up delivers superior performance as real-world workloads become increasingly complex and demanding. Direct Connect Architecture 2.0 with up to 48 total cores in a 4P configuration, allows this platform in many cases to more than double the memory bandwidth, and provide 1.3x the I/O bandwidth of previous generation 2P and 4P servers, helping businesses tackle complex jobs with greater throughput, exceptional value and readiness to scale.

The new AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform boosts the latest technology to cater for today’s workloads and to scale up to tomorrow’s:

- Direct Connect Architecture 2.0 provides higher peak throughput and doubles the memory capacity helping improve overall system performance. Furthermore, HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology helps increase coherent memory bandwidth between CPU’s and I/O to help maintain overall system balance and scalability, reduce latency in multi-node systems, and reduce cache probe traffic between cores.
- AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V 2.0) technology allows virtualized environments with low overhead and superior efficiency.
- AMD-P 2.0 technology provides an interface for processor and System Management monitoring and controlling of system resources.

“Acer Group is demonstrating their commitment to innovation with this new range of high-performance servers,” – comments Gianluca Degliesposti, Vice President Global Server Business Development, Acer Group. –“By taking advantage of the unique features of the new AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform, Acer Group SMB channel and HPC partners are well positioned to deliver extreme value with high performance, energy efficient servers to customers worldwide.”

About Gateway

Since its founding in 1985, Irvine, Calif.-based Gateway has been a technology pioneer, offering award-winning products and world-class service to clients worldwide. Gateway is a wholly owned subsidiary of Acer Inc., the world's third-largest PC company. See www.gateway.com for more information.
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