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CAPS Compiler now adds support for AMDs Heterogeneous Compute Platforms


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CAPS Compiler now adds support for AMD's Heterogeneous Compute Platforms

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 6 -- CAPS entreprise today announced that its HMPP™ directive-based compiler has added support for AMD’s (NYSE:AMD) GPU technology. Based on OpenACC® and OpenHMPP™ directive-based programming model, HMPP™ compiler fully integrates data-parallel backend for OpenCL™ and will leverage the computing power of AMD GPU and APU devices. Addressing this new target in OpenACC demonstrates CAPS commitment to provide portable solutions for its customers. The initial GPUs supported in this release are AMD FireProTM W9000, FirePro S8000 and FirePro W8000 series.

“Supporting an industry standard such as OpenCL in our products is critical to reach larger developer community that is using GPU compute” said Eric Courtois, director of software development at CAPS. “When designing our products, we focus on key tools used by programmers with various levels of expertise from beginners to advanced users. With this release, we are enabling our customers to transition their applications to the latest generation of AMD hardware to fully leverage the underlying computing power of the platform.”

The initial performance results are extremely promising and illustrate how the compiler directives can be used to leverage AMD FirePro capabilities while preserving C or FORTRAN codes. With a few directives, the performance of image-processing routines like Sobel Filter was increased by more than an order of magnitude (x40). Furthermore, CAPS technology helps users take advantage of AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing Math Libraries (APPML), the software libraries containing FFT and BLAS functions designed to run on AMD GPUs.

“Directive-based programming offers a simple yet powerful way to extract the benefits of heterogeneous compute platforms,” said Margaret Lewis, Director, Server Software Planning, AMD. “As the leading provider of heterogeneous compute technologies, AMD believes compilers such as CAPS HMPP can help build GPU accelerated applications faster and increase overall developer productivity. With the addition of CAPS HMPP, a larger community of developers can now take advantage of industry standard directives, including OpenACC now and OpenMP accelerators in the future.”

Demonstration of the CAPS OpenACC/HMPP™ compiler on AMD platform is available at ISC 2012, booth #840.

About CAPS:

CAPS is a leading provider of solutions to deploy applications on many-core systems. Its source-to-source HMPP™ compiler is based on C, C++, and FORTRAN directives and supports OpenACC® and OpenHMPP standards. The compiler incorporates a powerful NVIDIA® CUDA™ and OpenCL™ parallel data generator. With more than 10 years of scientific research experience and expertise, CAPS has many success stories in porting, optimizing and parallelizing codes in various areas: oil and gas, meteorology, biology, image processing and finance.


Source: CAPS
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