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It has been a while, but finally there are news for the future of our project.
With the implementation of new analysis methods in our software, we are looking forward to start our new "peptide" project in a few weeks.
Further information will follow in the "projects" section of the homepage soon.

At the moment, the new application and some test jobs are available on our Test Server.

If you like to help us, use the “Add project” wizard of your BOINC client and paste the Project URL “” into the corresponding text field, as our test server is not listed as an official BOINC project. We appreciate every help for testing, but please keep the following in mind:
- Test server results will not be used for scientific publications.
- Credits will not be listed in the BOINC cross-project statistics.
- Test server applications may crash your system, so be sure to save any valuable data beforehand.
Best practice is to return a few tasks, and immediately detach from the POEM@TEST project.​

This update does also include a new Mac OSX CPU version, as well as a first attempt for OSX GPU support (NVIDIA and AMD).
We'd appreciate every voluntary help, especially regarding the testing of Mac versions.

Best regards,
your POEM@HOME Team

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