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Dear SiDock@home participants,

We've successfully achieved 21 milestones in our ongoing drug discovery initiative, and this strong, open, and community-supported drug discovery project is going on. Our research has been routine lately: virtual screening on the same library for a pleiade of corona-related targets. These efforts are however crucial to our research progression. Currently, we're in the process of drafting publications for two of our completed objectives (3CLpro and PLpro) and are setting the stage for upcoming drug targets (here we are also planning a pool where You the participants, will help us decide on the upcoming target work).
Last but not least, we thank everyone who has donated cryptocurrency or money. The donations sum up to 639 Euro and 12,140 Gridcoin now. We plan to use them for purchase of compounds and in-vitro screening. As always, we are grateful to all of you for your computational contributions and discussions!

We look forward to the future work on SiDock@home.

Merry Christmas to all and all the best to All!

With best wishes,
Natalia, Marko, Črtomir and hoarfrost


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