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Notes for Feb 23 2021
A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home

A small update this week since there's not much news overall. Honestly, yours truly got a little swamped with other things in life and needed to take care of some other things last week. Buy we're back this week, and other than an unexpectedly empty CPU queue for about half a day last week (since corrected), the project has continued and you volunteers have carved off another large chunk of datasets 1, 2 and 3.

The paper is coming along nicely, and we're finally happy with the data and analysis we want at this point, so it's just writing. Some tables and graphs have been posted to Twitter if you'd like to follow along. Honestly, we're about 3 months overdue to get this out to at least arXiv, but we hope it'll be worth the wait. Most of that time was spent tweaking algorithms to get better results, and the datasets/feature vectors are too large fit on an 8GB GPU, so it's mostly CPU training. 18 hours for an epoch is not uncommon. On the bright side, what we're learning doing this will help DS4 when it's available.

DS3-500 and DS3-1000 are complete and ready to upload, but we're still deciding the best place to host such large files. Seeding a torrent off the main server would cut into the already limited bandwidth. We'll need a better solution, for now they exist on a backed-up data drive, and available by individual request.

Other News
  • DS4 remains on hold until after the paper is finished.
  • We're discussing internally allowing Gridcoin to whitelist this project. If the MLC community has strong opinions either way, please post them below. There are still one or two things that we want to change before that either way, but the list of technical barriers on our side is almost empty.
  • Reminder: the MLC client is open source, and has an issues list at gitlab. If you're a programmer of data scientist and want to help, feel free to look over the issues and submit a pull request.

  • Project status snapshot:
    (note these numbers are approximations)



    Last week's TWIM Notes: Feb 8 2021

    Thanks again to all our volunteers!

    -- The MLC@Home Admins(s)
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