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Notes for Feb 8 2021
A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home

It's Dataset week!

We've been working behind the scenes on a paper for analysis of the results you, our volunteers have created so far. The paper is still in progress, but we've waited long enough to release the datasets themselves. Over the next few days, you'll see more and more datasets come available for download at

Each dataset archive contains a file with details on what is included and some information on how to use it. Each trained network is in its own directory, with both the native PyTorch version of the saved model, a JSON file that contains the learned weights, and some metadata about each trained network, including a training history.

Currently available datasets are:

- MLDS-DS1: 100/ea, 500/ea, 1000/ea. (5000/ea and 10000/ea still computing)
- MLDS-DS2: 100/ea, 500/ea, 1000/ea. (5000/ea and 10000/ea still computing)
- MLDS-DS3: 100/ea (500/ea and 1000/ea zipping/uploading, 5000/ea and 10000/ea still computing)

The latter datasets are so large they would be better as torrents, so we may make them available only as torrents. For researchers, if you use these datasets, I ask that you a) let us know, and b) cite our paper when it comes available.

Detailed News
  • Lots of great work on a paper; stay tuned to the twitter account for some graphs and tables over the next week.
  • Building the dataset archive takes a long time, because of the large number of files, and xz compression is not exactly fast. So DS3-500 and DS3-1000 might take a little while compress/upload.

  • Project status snapshot:
    (note these numbers are approximations)



    Last week's TWIM Notes: Feb 1 2021

    Thanks again to all our volunteers!

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