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I met Krzysztof in the summer of 2014. It was then that Grzegorz Wiktorowicz found me and invited me to collaborate on a new scientific project. The reason they found me on the Internet was a problem with accessing the necessary computing power needed for the scientific research of these two scientists.
Soon after, the test server for the Universe@Home project was created - some of you may still remember it.

As soon as it turned out that the idea of using BOINC was a bullseye, Krzysztof offered me a more permanent collaboration, which I undertook with joy.
Few of us have the opportunity to work with scientists of this caliber.

We worked together for almost 10 years. About a month ago, we were discussing development possibilities, and Krzysztof was telling me about the publications being created based on our joint work (yes, there were supposed to be more than one!).

Unfortunately, today we will no longer be able to implement these plans...

As Krzysztof was a founder of the project, I don’t know yet what will happen next with our project. It's too early for any decisions, but whatever they may be - you will find out immediately. Krzysztof never forgot to mention the help our community provided him, and I am sure that we too will remember his trust in the power of the community...

Lese weiter bei Universe@home....
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