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Hinweis: Diese "User-News" wurde nicht von der Planet 3DNow! Redaktion veröffentlicht, sondern vom oben genannten Leser, der persönlich für den hier veröffentlichten Inhalt haftet.
Yuri „1usmus“ Bubliy hat die Version 1.7.2 vom DRAM Calculator for Ryzen veröffentlicht.

Diese basiert aber auf dem AGESA ComboPI was bisher nur für wenige Boards verfügbar ist und dann auch meist als BETA.

Changelog 1.7.1

Reworking of all presets for Samsung b-die, Micron e-die and Hynix CJR(DJR). Improved support for configurations with 4 or 8 RAM modules.

R-XMP and Calculate EXTREME buttons removed.

Added new Help and my reviews section, which provides links to my materials in addition to reference information.

DRAM PCB Revision - select PCB RAM for more accurate calculation of timings. In most cases it is recommended to use "A0" for better compatibility.

The "Compare timings (ON/OFF)" button has received updated functionality. It can read not only the timings, but also show the state of the timings in a color. Your personal assistant for creating individual presets.

Added the "New version?" button. - button allows you to visit the product homepage and read the materials regarding DRAM Calculator for Ryzen™, check for updates or ask any question.

Error fixes and some graphical adjustments.


DRAM Calculator for Ryzen™ 1.7.1 + MEMbench 0.8 (Extreme HW)
Download DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.7.2 (guru3d)
DRAM Calculator for Ryzen: Version 1.7.1 erhält zahlreiche Neuerungen für AGESA (Computerbase)
DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.7.2 (TechPowerUp)
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DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.7.2 (TechPowerUp)

--- Update ---

Kaum ist 1.7.1 raus folgt auch schon 1.7.2:

Support OC assist for Micron E-die (A2) and CJR/DJR (A0 and A2)
Additional presets for Hynix CJR / DJR (now A0 and A2)
Some correction for OC assist (Samsung B-die)
Minor fix : tWRRD for 4 DIMM configuration
Minor fix : some timings for Micron E-die
Minor fix : voltage for Samsung B-die
Error fix : "Parse data"
Other bug fixes
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