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Notes for Jan 18 2021
A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home

After a week-long hiatus, we're back with our regular weekly update. Lots of time spent writing, especially over the last few days (long weekend in the US). Project-wise, we've made some real progress on cleaning up the validation and assimilation process in preparation for DS4.

Detailed News
  • Writing is the top priority. It would be best to have 1000 examples each for the DS1/DS2 examples, and we need about 160 more for ParityModified. We're close though, and perhaps will be over 1000 by next week.
  • The modstest queue is already running an improved validation process. So far its going well, and will roll out to the other queues as well. There are no user visible changes, but lots of internal changes to help maintenance and testing.
  • Not much progress on client support for DS4, it remains partially implemented but not yet ready for testing. But the datasets for DS4 were generated weeks ago, just prioritized writing lately over DS4.
  • We looked at updating the ROCm client to enable POLARIS support and move to ROCm 4.0 (and possibly some NAVI support), but PyTorch doesn't support 4.0 yet, and we still need a little more time to convert to ROCm 3.10 to enable POLARIS support.

  • Project status snapshot:
    (note these numbers are approximations)



    Last week's TWIM Notes: Jan 5 2021

    Thanks again to all our volunteers!

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