News [Update: HSA] Open Source UVD2-Unterstützung mit VDPAU(!) von AMD freigegeben!

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Ah, seh grad, dass es hierzu vor mir schon eine User-News von Yoshi 2k3 gab, hier mal verlinkt für alle, die die Meldung wie ich noch nicht bemerkt hatten!
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diesmal definitiv was zu HSA und Linux (wenn auch diesmal nicht Radeon):

AMD Talks Up HSA Architecture On Linux ARM - Phoronix
Phoronix schrieb:
The HSA focus continues to be about bringing accelerators forward as first-class processors, attracting mainstream programmers, and creating a focus around APU/SoC/GPU/CPU support. AMD remains committed through the HSA for being open-source friendly with their Linux execution and compilation stack to be open-source, allowing for a single shared implementation, and encouraging research in all areas of HSA.

Right now the tools available include the libHSA assembler and disassembler, the HSAIL instruction set simulator, and the HSA ISS loader library for Java/C++ and for dispatching HSAIL kernels. This code is available via the HSAFoundation on GitHub. Soon they are supposed to be releasing an LLVM back-end for supporting HSAIL and BRIG outputs as well as a C++AMP Clang compiler front-end.

Video, PDF Slides

Vielleicht mag sich ja jemand das ganze Video reinziehen und evtl. eine News oder Zusammenfassung generieren :)
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